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phoenix_rising LARGE Becoming the Phoenix—Evolution of the Soul and Living without Regret

“I flew straight out of heaven, a mad bird full of secrets. I came into being as I came into being. I grew as I grew. I changed as I change. My mind is fire, my soul fire. The cobra wakes and spits fire in my eyes. I rise through ochre smoke into black air enclosed in a shower of stars. I am what I have made. I am the seed of every god, beautiful as evening, hard as light. I am the last four days of yesterday, four screams from the edges of earth – beauty, terror, truth, madness – the Phoenix on his pyre.”*

Shamanic Vision proudly presents a Three Day, non-residential retreat about New Beginnings that will change your Life forever: Becoming a Phoenix.

“I have entered fire. I become invisible; yet I breathe in the flow of sun, in the eyes of children, in the light that animates the white cliffs at dawn. I am the God in the world in everything, even in darkness. If you have not seen me there, you have not looked. I am the fire that burns you, that burns in you. To live is to die a thousand deaths, but there is only one fire, one eternity.”*

* From the Egyptian Book of the Dead

Day One shines Light on Our Shadow Selves, where we find Light in the Darkness. Beneath the social mask we wear every day, we have a hidden shadow side: an impulsive, wounded, sad, or isolated part that we generally try to ignore. This hidden side is called The Shadow and it can be a source of emotional richness and vitality, and acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing and living a truthful, authentic life. Here, you will begin delving into the depths of you, building an interactive, lifelong connection with your Soul and your Shadow. Gain profound understanding and awareness in a safe and loving environment. Look beyond the Shadow and find the treasure that hides behind it.

Day Two is about your Inner Child(ren). Learn the “How to” of Inner Child work while you connect with, and resolve, Inner Child issues.

Day Three is The Day of the Phoenix. Experience and understand the kind of psychological and emotional closure needed before and during death. Based on Shamanic tradition, you will learn the specific steps that bring reconciliation and healing both to the loved ones and to the person dying. Fly away with the message of the Greatest Journey–we can come to the end of a life with grace, entering the journey beyond death to in a peaceful manner, full of Light.

Who should attend this powerful, hands-on workshop?

  • Healers of all modalities…
  • Shamanic Practitioners of all levels…
  • Those seeking answers to who they are…
  • Those seeking answers to why are the way they are …
  • Those frightened by the behavior…
  • Those fearful of Death…
  • Those fearful of Living…
  • Those who are ready to Change…
  • Those who want to both live and leave this Life without regret

What one of our students says regarding this workshop: Oh man, this was such an intensive workshop. What a journey this past weekend. Paul and Neelam thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your loving guidance, encouragement and openness made me feel safe and open to everything. I learned so much about myself, and am continuing to gain insights and understanding. This was a priceless three days. Paul and Neelam, bless you for your knowledge, your love and light, and your sacred space that you shared with us. I am indeed on my correct path and I will always carry this experience with me forever. Thank you so much. Love, Barbara

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Dates: December 21-13, 2018
Venue: Hotel Suba International
Andheri East, Mumbai

Energy Investment: 21000 INR

We honor the traditions of these teachings and for this reason, we limit our class size. A mandatory seating deposit (non-refundable) of 7500 INR is required to ensure your seat.

Once we receive your registration details below, we will send you banking details for India and also Paypal details for credit card or payments in US Dollars.

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