Our Webinars

Over a period of past several years, Paul & Neelam have done various webinars and talks. They have been invited to various interviews, podcasts, shows and events.

Given below are the links to various conversations over a period of many years. They will not only give you an indepth idea about our work and its scope but also educate and bring to awareness many concepts.

(1) An Intimate Conversation on Shamanism with Paul & Neelam. Join us for an hour of conversation about Shamanism, including some misconceptions on this beautiful spiritual pathway.

Soundcloud version: https://goo.gl/587Epp

(2) Ancestral Healing Neelam was invited by Rainbow Rising Podcast to understand who are our ancestors, why is connecting with them important and the significance of healing our Ancestral lineage.


(3) January 2019: We were interviewed on Shamanism and our work. We cover a lot of territory here!


(4) January 2020: An interview with Neelam regarding her Empowered Woman work. This is a spontaneous talk done in the early hours. Interviewed by Paul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcGXA2aEJI0&t

(5) January 2020: Neelam speaks of The Sea is our Mother


(6) Invitation to conscious man interview by Paul Message from Paul – On November 27, 2020, Neelam sat with me and answered questions on her pioneering work of bringing the Sacred Feminine, The Shakti, into Men’s life. I strongly encourage all men, regardless of age to listen to what Neelam shares in this brief recording. Her Vision is of great importance as we, as Human BEings enter into the next plain of human development and consciousness. What Neelam offers here is truly empowering for both men and women.

Neelam speaks :- https://churchofthewheel.wordpress.com/2020/11/28/about-the-conscious- man-the-path-for-the-holistic-empowered-man/


Tuesday’s with Neethu and Neelam – Some wisdom, some fun.

With the intention of sharing wisdom with fun with larger audience, Neethu – a Kannanda Actress, living in Bangalore and Neelam, came up with a series of insta live conversations, called, “Tuesday’s with Neethu & Neelam”.

Given below are the links to the conversations on various subjects.

Insta live links:- 

Episode 1-Feeling Powerless? Connect with your power animals

Episode 2 – Wisdom of Corona

Episode 3 – Role of Ancestors in our life

Episode 4 -Menstruation, Magic & Manifestation

Episode 5 – Soul Purpose

Episode 6 – Anger CAN be a GIFT. Tune in.

Episode 7 – Betrayal

Podcasts and interviews:-
(1) On Being an Empowered Mother, podcast with Cecile
Cecile Podcast is anchor.fm/mommymatters

(2) Podcast with Sharmila Mali
Where do you find the courage and strength to continue running your business after your spouse and business partner suddenly dies?
This week’s guest, Neelam Nanvani will tell you, the only way out of grief, is through it. It’s been a challenging journey for her and showing up for herself and her students that have signed up for her Divine Feminine Teachings.

Through her grief, she was able to be a channel in her mentorship program and taught new concepts and a deeper understanding to the Divine Feminine.

For her, Shamanism is not just another healing modality, it is a Way of Life, a way from which anything and everything springs, births, and evolves. Neelam is also a highly evolved facilitator in the areas of Shadow work, trans generational wounds and Inner Child work. She also teaches about Dream work as practiced in indigenous Shamanic societies and how we can use the gift of Dreams to heal. She calls dreams, “Oracles of the Night.” Evolving in to BEing a voice for the Divine Feminine and The Empowered Woman.


(3) The Power of Being a Woman & The Divine Feminine – Unleash your Ambition Podcast with Stacie Walker

Do you know who you truly are as a woman and your true power?

Do you know that the totality of nature lives inside your body?

Do you know that if you align to different seasons, you can constructively affect your life as well as the lives of your family, community, and society at large?

On the Unleash Your Ambition Podcast with Stacie Walker and I talk about the power of being a woman, the Divine Feminine, and understanding these subtle yet prominent nuances of a woman’s body and life.*
Listen here: https://www.unleashyourambition.com/blog/the-power-of-being-a-woman-and-the-divine-feminine

Or listen on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/28-the-power-of-being-a-woman-and-the-divine-feminine/id1554742615?i=1000553281264