The Shamanic Vision Healing Council

Neelam and I are deeply honored to have this opportunity to create and sit as members of the Shamanic Vision Healing Council.

The purpose of the Council is to bring together a small and yet diverse group of strong Shamanic Practitioners who will work together on complex cases, especially those relating to mental health issues. We will offer our services to the Greater Good of All, doing so with zero cost to those who come to us. Instead, their Energy Exchange will be in the form of helping others or ecological in nature.

In addition, the Council will also offer support and guidance to our students who are facing challenging cases. They may reach out to us; we will act in a Good Way, much like Tribal Elders. We will share guidance, provide suggestions, options, and provide assistance to the practitioner. The Council will meet on a regular monthly basis, and collectively, we will hold space for healing and healers from around the world.

If you are in need or wish to reach out to us, please visit us at:

With Blessings on this journey,

The Shamanic Vision Healing Council

Paul's CARD 2019