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Are you Willing to Dive Deeper into this Ancient Wisdom?

Here are the different ways I can offer assistance in your Healing Journey.



Empowered Woman – Awakening to her Goddess Field. 2 days in physical space and 8 weeks for online teachings.

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A six month mentorship for Deepening into the Feminine

Women grow afraid at this moment because it means giving up a world where everything is neat and safe. In that world, we feel secure, taken care of; we know where we’re going. Then we wake up and find the old way doesn’t work, that it no longer fits our identity, that by clinging to it, we’re cutting ourselves off from something profound. But we cling anyway because it’s all we’ve got. We call our desire for security loyalty. We yearn for something we’ve lost as women, but it’s so unknown, so unbearably unknown. And then one day it all comes down to this: Can we trust ourselves, our innermost selves, our feminine Wisdom?”

In this six month program, we will journey into the feminine and explore HER and learn ways to understand what she represents. We will consider where we have lost her, how we can heal the wounding of our own feminine, and how we can retrieve and re-member our core essence – the feminine way of Being.

The mentorship teachings and experience is steeped in the Wisdom of Ancient Ways. The Intention of this mentorship is to help women discover their personal power and realize the importance of their role in this changing world. The world is shifting. We are moving away from a Patriarchal culture and mindset; we are returning to the traditional ways of a Matriarchal Society. In this program, deep personal healing is offered, and you will experience the Wisdom of the Ancient and Wise women of the Past. Within here is the opportunity to find and reclaim your most authentic self.

The program will be customized to your situation while keeping the core teachings of the Feminine way of Being at the BASE and FOUNDATION. The program is for personal growth, personal empowerment, and taking your role as an Empowered Woman during this time of change. For more details, click on the link below:


Womb Medicine Wheel & Re-birthing Sessions

These one to one healing sessions take you back into your pre-birth experience where you chose as Spirit to step from Birth into Matter.

These sessions take you into re-birthing your entire birth experience, which enables deeper clearing around choices made, imprints picked up during your pre-birth, and also those that took place during conception, gestation, and delivery.

Healing happens genetically, regarding the purpose and any aspect of your journey that may keep you stuck or entangled. The Council of Guides comes to conduct you through the rebirthing process. You are born anew.

These sessions help in clearing Ancestral trauma. Also, any trauma relating to your pre-birth, conception, gestation, and birth is addressed. This work helps you take forward steps into the next cycle of your life.

These are specialized sessions, and I open up only 2 spaces each month for these.

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Life Purpose and Soul Remembrance Guidance, Healing and Coaching Sessions

Soul Purpose – Sacred Dance of your Soul

What does your soul truly desires to experience and Live in this lifetime?

You may or may not know this, but your soul has a master plan for you. And it’s working overtime to manifest this plan in any way it can.
Do you recognize and remember yours? Are you able to Re-member and integrate yours?

Do you need help to remember and re-member your soul song?

Soul Purpose Medicine Wheel Readings and sessions.

Remembering your soul song is a unique medicine wheel exploration. This work leads you to deeply understand yourself, it also brings restorative healing and reclamation of your Power and Gifts while you understand HOW to embody them step by step.

Here is a tunnel to a rebirth experience for those who are open to allowing.



Soul Remembering – Sahil Raina

You are the person who forces us to speak from our soul, to shed all the shit that we are holding on to for dear life, so that when we communicate, we communicate like eagles soaring in the sky.

So when we walk, we walk like lions and lionesses, baring our soul through everything we do and say. Speak from this place, for I accept nothing else or nothing less from you for I will give you nothing less or nothing else. That is my meaning of soul digger.

Sahil Raina


Medicine Wheel Life Purpose Reading with Iris Stending

I experienced the most amazing session with Neelam this morning..soul/life purpose utilizing the medicine wheel..I was able to articulate what my questions were and seek guidance my questions were asked and through Neelam’s amazing guidance, the answers that I was seeking came through.

Neelam was able to help me dig deeper, go through layer by layer to really see what was holding me back…once, that breakthrough occurred, I felt like a weight was lifted. Neelam has the incredibly insight to see beyond, and she guided me through a womb healing and rebirth process..not only cathartic and cleansing..but such a sense of freedom and lightness.

I drummed and sang, and could feel my guides and power animals with me and cheering me on. I felt so calm, empowered with a new sense of purpose after our session today.

There are truly no words to completely describe my session this morning..but these offer some insight: enlightened, empowered, free-ing, self awareness, and calming..

Nothing like getting emerging as the blooming lotus..

From my ❤❤..thank you.


Womb Re-birthing and Medicine Wheel Session – Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi

I had the most beautiful, soul soaring and healing + cleansing experience with Neelam Ramchand Nanwani ‘s sacred offering of the Medicine Wheel work. It is both a manifestation, clarity focus work in my experience + it goes deep into subliminal clearings.

I receive you will get most out if it in the perfect way from exactly where you are and where you need to go and the shifts and experience would be priceless.

Neelam has the deep gift of a presence to go through into the depth of the tunnel birthing processes of what takes you in through a true rebirthing experience. She holds a very deep nurturing and mothering presence and totally goes with you in the support realm with parallel reflection in what you need to go through to come through a deep healing and cleansed experience.

I have done life long works in the realms of consciousness, clearings and been consistent with self upgrading yet as we go through the human realms there will always be new challenges and new openings to work with as we keep evolving, uplifting and refining in our journeys.

And the truth of where you need to move towards and how deeply you get to receive clarity and healing, will always be open and given to you via channels of gifts as you need at the exact moment in present should you be intentional to receiving them.

I had this exact surprise gift of the most divine in tuned and perfect reception of the most needed clearings into the deep diving with Neelam. In less than an hour we went deeper into clearing things from taken birth trauma, healing the space of masculine or father roots and gaining clarity, support + reconfirmation of next steps along with receiving guidance from ancestral energies while moving onto experience some soul to cellular and thus psychic to body level clearings.

We did cords clearings and created completion cycles while getting the right aligned focus on whats working, which ways to go forward to and the specific action steps guided through it all.

The medicine wheel makes all of these effortless and possible with presence of the deeper nurturing and space transmuting capacity from Neelam and working effectively with the elements’ energies.

I highly encourage anyone seeking such depth of work experienced in such quick resolved level to avail this service from Neelam right away!

I have also seen as with Neelam that there needs to be a teaching and full on depth practice course working with the Medicine Wheel healing journey which i feel would be deeply powerful and healing for those who are called to work with such transformational energies in current timelines.

Thank you, Neelam….from the bottom of my heart. Love and honor you, always ❤❤❤❤


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