The Sea is Our Mother: A Sea Healing Retreat

The Sea is Our Mother.

This Sea Healing Retreat helps us work with the energies of the Sea for healing and bringing back our true, vital Essence.

Be it nurturing our self, having fun or any aspect of receiving and coming into our true power, the Mother (Sea) heals us All.

We learn to Embrace and Own our true Essence, heal our womb space, accept our bodies and embrace our sexuality and sensuality. The Sea cleanses our wounds, washing away all that is no longer required. The Sea accepts us and loves us unconditionally as our Mother and teaches us to love and accept our own self unconditionally. The Sea softens our heart that has hardened with grief, strife and pain. The Sea allows us to come to peace with who and what we are and what we desire and Deserve to BE.

The Sea is Our Mother. Join us!!

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