Our Inner Child(ren)

Inner Child(ren) Healing

In our childhood, we are complete beings full of creativity, playfulness, wholeness and spontaneity. One of the main reasons we forget our true essence is our “Child Within” is wounded. Emotional wounds cause us to withdraw and develop limitations in our lives. Our subconscious still holds these unhealed wounds and they contribute to the conflicts and problems we experience in our current situations.

Inner Child is a metaphor for parts of us that were created and came into being in our development. These parts are now separated from our whole “SELF”. A child views the world with eyes of wonder, trust, love, delight and forgiveness.


• So, what happens when we grow up?
• Where does that childlike faith and innocence disappear?
• Why does it become so difficult to trust and enjoy a blissful state when we grow up?
• Why do we usually react and not respond when things “go bad”?

We were born as Beings of complete bliss. So why and where does that state of bliss disappear?

As we grow up, we are influenced by our environment which often colors how we choose to perceive that environment. We are influenced by our upbringing: our parents, friends, siblings, schools, our teachers and traditions, religion, political, social and economic conditions and culture.

Add to this the intrauterine / behavioral patterns of our parents, past lives and external energies…all the incidents that weave the web of our lives—our heart, mind and soul; the way, as a child, we saw, felt and perceived things and formed impressions—all these have a very deep impact on our state of Being and leave imprints on our subconscious mind.

Each individual is unique and their perceptions are uniquely their own, hence we may see that two children, born and brought up in the same environment (all influences remaining the same), grow up as two distinct, unique individuals.

Why does that happen? Because we all were given the free will to react, emote, act and respond to all the events that make up a Life.

Let us take an example of these two children—say both were ridiculed by teachers over the years that said, “You will never do anything correct”. One child takes it to heart while the other brushes it off and doesn’t allow it to impact him.

In the first child, a part of his psyche was wounded and may get fragmented, or broken away from his whole Self. This is a protective measure, that was appropriate at the time. However, when the child grows up, he may have certain repetitive patterns or failures in his life, many of which are tied by the words of an unsuspecting teacher. Yet, the child is actually brilliant, intelligent, and resourceful.

It is here, that getting in touch with that wounded Inner Child is so important.

In our Becoming the Phoenix weekend, we not only explore your Inner Child, you are given many tools to delve on your own and to also help others.

Here, you can be the parent that you never had.

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