Dying Consciously

Of all the days of our Becoming the Phoenix retreat, this is the day that people are the most anxious about. What is interesting is they are anxious because they are either “dying” to experience it, or they are the most intimidated by it. One way or another, we will all experience this day. What we strive for today is not to look at the details of death. Instead you will understand the Transformational Power of Death as you release all that which holds you back in this lifetime and therefore, limits you from fulfilling your Soul’s Higher Calling.

This IS indeed, the Day of the Phoenix.

This is the Day we Live our Life’s for.

For many cultures, Death is treated as a taboo. Yet, many people live their lives with a slow, burning, nagging thought:

“I am going to die!”

What is sad is that Death may not be around the corner. It may be a lifetime away. Tragic indeed!

Lao Tzu Q

In many homes, death is not talked about. And when it is brought up, it is in hushed tones and the children are sent out of the room.

For others, Death is always present. It is accepted as a part of Life, yet there is an aversion towards it. This is understandable, for Death is the Shadow of Life. Yet Death is just as important as Living. Focus too much on a fear of Death and you rob Life. Live fully and ignore Death, when Death occurs near you, you are taken for a toss as Neelam would put it.

Day Three of our Becoming the Phoenix workshop is the Big Day. This is the Day of the Phoenix, the Day you will Rise. To rise, you need to know Death. To understand the nature of fear and the fight for survival. This is the Day where you will face Death. On this day, you will make peace with anything and anyone that is holding you back. It is a day of release.

Today, regret dies.

In Shamanism, we seek to die with awareness. Our desire is to carry with us, the knowledge that we have acquired from all lifetimes. This is Dying Consciously. This is acquired on Day 3.

On day 3, we also teach you how to help loved ones as they enter their final moments in this physical form. You will bring comfort to the dying and freedom to their Souls. This can also be done after someone has died, regardless of when this took place.

By the end of this workshop, you will no longer fear Death. You will no longer fear Life! You are truly, reborn.

You SHALL BECOME the Phoenix!

If this day frightens you, this fear and your reaction is most likely coming from Shadow or Inner Child experiences.

If you have a strong desire to act in a manner that is not “You”, it is most likely a Shadow part (angry, wanting to break things, yell, scream). If your Ego Self (Aware self) has left you, it is Shadow.

If you want to turn your back and run, go hide somewhere, have a desire to cover your ears or eyes, or if you feel nervous, it is most likely Inner Child.

We welcome you to contact us if either of these appear and the feelings are too strong. Please write us at: shamanic-vision@live.com

From one of our students:

“I attended the Phoenix workshop in June. There were huge shifts in me, from the moment I registered for the workshop. I knew I had to close many chapters of the book of my life. Phoenix gave me the tools to empower myself and close chapters of my life. The healing began and I wanted to re attend to re empower myself. Something that has stayed in my heart is the death bed scene. The person who played the role spoke the exact words I needed to hear. This person was a stranger till this workshop.”



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