Food for Thought: “There is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind.”

I came across a quote the other day, one that is fairly well known: “There is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind.” In light of some recent clients and their presenting issues, this resonated powerfully and with great truth, especially as the presenting issues centered around cultural traditions and cultural shadows.

What is one to do? Food for thought of course! (There are no “right or wrong” answers, only the need for you to look inward).


  • How closed is your mind? Do you open it often? How open is open?
  • Where is the key that opens yours?
  • What kind of a lock do you have on your mind? Do you know where the key is? Do remember the combination? Who holds the key?
  • Is your mind always locked or is it selectively so? Who or what can come in? Who or what comes out?
  • When was the last time you opened the door of your mind? When was your last “Spring Cleaning?”
  • If your mind is always open, what does the passing wind sound like? What is stuck at the threshold, trying to get in?

Open Mind

  • Looking at this image, what comes to mind? Is it a judgement of some sort? If so, what kind? Is it about the work or the artist?
  • What does the image say to you? What do you see in it?
  • If you were to ask, “What do I need to know about the state of the doorway of my mind?” while peering deep into a part of the painting, what would you see? What does it mean to you?

Thank you for taking time for yourself here. One last question: Do you need to call a locksmith or a carpenter?

With Peace, Paul