Food for Thought: Fear of Living

Most people are fearful of Death. But what about BEing fearful of Living? Here’s some Food for Thought….

  • What is your first thought when you wake in the Morning?
  • Do you live a Life that satisfies you?
  • What is your BIGGEST fear?
  • How does this fear hold you back?
  • What frightens you the most about Life?
  • What makes you smile about Life? What makes you laugh in Life?
  • What are you waiting for?
What is the most beautiful part of Life to you?
What is the most beautiful part of Life to you?
  • What brings you Joy? How often do you experience Joy? When was the last time you were Joyful?
  • What would your ideal Life be like?
  • Do you Live to Work or Work to Live?
  • How worried are you about the future? What does this “worry” do for you?
  • Do you live more in the past, the present or the future? Why?
  • Are you more frustrated rather than living the life of your dreams?
  • Do you wish to be reborn as a new you? If so, who or what would you be? Why?
  • Is it Life or is it Death that you are more worried about?
  • Is your Inner Core truly happy?
  • What is your Passion? Where does it fit in your Life? How often do you experience this passion?
  • When was the last time felt Alive? What made you feel that way? How much did it cost?

Many people find themselves caught up in a day to day existence…the purpose of their lives is lost, tucked away under years of oppression and suppression and the Joy of Living becomes a quest rather than a way of BEing.

Life is a Sacred Gift. Look at your Life as a Treasure. A simple and profoundly beautiful Way of Living that Neelam and I saw inscribed at the Sivanada Ashram in Rishikesh contained these words:

  • Be Good
  • Do Good
  • Serve
  • Love
  • Meditate
  • Realize

If you find yourself fearing Life, these words may shine some Light inward. Feel free to write us if you need help.

Peace to you,

Paul & Neelam

3 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Fear of Living

    1. Perhaps. We are of the opinion that the purpose of Life is to fulfill the Soul’s Mission Statement or Purpose. Our Soul’s entered into this particular existence to either learn a certain lesson or to bring a special gift to the World. For some people, this may be experiencing suffering or some form of physical/mental/emotional challenges. For others, it is being of service or experiencing Love. When one is aware of the Souls Purpose, Life becomes very special indeed! As you know, there are many forms of consciousness. Not all can be enlightened–it isn’t in their Soul Plan at this time. What matters most is that they are aligned to the plan of the Soul. Blessings. Paul


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