Food for Thought: Rise of the Phoenix

Since the day Neelam and I met, we’ve been undergoing massive transformation. As Twin Flames, this is an ongoing theme in our relationship and this is what generated our Becoming the Phoenix retreat. This too leads me to some Food for Thought….

  • If you were to step in to The Fire of Change, what would you leave behind?
  • How big would your pile of ash be?
  • What would you like to Rise into?
  • How high would you have to rise?
Unfettered, where would you like to fly to?
Unfettered, where would you like to fly to?
  •  What lessons from the past would you hold on to? If so, why?
  • When was the last time you emerged from the Fire? Who or what pushed you into the Fire?
  • What happened when you emerged from the Fire last time?
  • Where are you now compared to then?
  • When you emerge from the Fire, how large will be your Wings?
  • After you emerge, will you walk or fly? If walking, what do your footprints look like? If you were to track them, could they be easily tracked? Where would they lead you to?


Paul & Neelam