Where has your Wonderment gone?

Do you recall as a child, how you were in wonder at all that was around you? When did that vanish? Was it when you were two or three, or perhaps at seven or ten?

Or perhaps a fortunate one who is still filled with wonderment…but at what level of Life are you in Wonder? Are you just as awestruck watching your 10,000th sunrise as you were your first?

So, where has your Wonderment gone?

Are you “caught up” in the outer World…in the World of Man and Machine, in the World of “Keeping up Appearances” or “Doing what I am told to do” rather than “Listening with my heart to the Guidance of my Soul.”

Could your Wonderment be hiding in there, somewhere?

Neelam and I are in Wonderment.

As I flew back to India this week, I looked down upon the Earth, seeing through the Eyes of the Heart, observing the natural formations of rock and stone, ice and cloud…I followed the curve of rivers and marveled at ice oceans and saw the scars of man via roads and rails and marks upon the land that attempt to “tame” the earth.

I was in wonderment of it all.

I wondered about Life. And it felt…wonderful!

I wondered about our Dear Ones, our students. I sent my Love out to them…in wonder!

I wondered about my Calling. And felt warmth radiate from my heart. I smiled…in wonder!

I was, and still am, in Wonderment.

I meet with my Guides and my Power Animals everyday. I honor them. I share my Wonderment with them. I did so, in the sanctity of my heart at 37000 feet.

And in all that I saw, felt and wondered upon while flying half way around the world, I asked for Guidance and asked my questions and received my answers. I did this too with Wonderment and Gratitude.

For this is Shamanism….

Life is short.

If you wonder about your Soul, your Calling…if you wonder about the meaning of it all…if you wonder about this thing called Shamanism, listen to the Call of Wonderment.

We have returned to India and are sharing the Traditional Teachings of Shamanism in:
Mumbai (July 14-15 via our Foundations of Shamanic Practice–Your Connection with Spirit)

Ahmedabad (August 4-5 via our Foundations of Shamanic Practice–Your Connection with Spirit)

New Delhi (August 10,11,12 via our 3 Days of Shamanic Bliss weekend)

Neelam and I are deeply honored to be able to share these Teachings with you.

If you know of anyone who can benefit from these teachings, please feel free to send them this page:



With Blessings,

Paul & Neelam