Extraction & Psychopomp Registration

Here are the details to complete your registration commitment to either our Shamanic Extraction Course and/or Psychopomp.

NOTE: Both Courses require you have taken our Advanced Shamanism Course; Healing the Shaman’s Soul & Heart.

In addition, Psychopomp requires completion of a questionnaire and approval by Paul. Until you have been approved, please do not register for the Psychopomp course. The application process for Psychopomp is found here: https://shamanic-vision.net/about-psychopomp/

Course Dates & Venue:

Extraction offered on April 3-4, 2021
Psychopomp on April 14, 15, 21, 22, 2021

Venue: LIVE with Paul on Zoom

NOTE: All Advanced Students have the option to take Extraction ONLY.

However, Extraction is MANDATORY for all approved Psychopomp students.

In addition, all Psychopomp students will have an initiation of 10 Middle World journeys that will be held over 10 days, starting on April 3. You are expected to complete all of these journeys (only 1 per day) before class begins on April 14. You will be given your assignments on a daily basis on a private online forum.

Energy Investment:

Extraction (Only): 225 USD
Extraction and Psychopomp 500 USD

Please complete the following: