About Psychopomp

Psychopomp is derived from Greek mythology and it means “Conductor of the Dead”.

This is a Shamanic area of special study…the healing of the Dead. This work liberates trapped Souls…Souls that are unable to move onward for a number of reasons.

This work requires 101% Impeccable dedication to the work; it is not done lightly. It is also, very much, a Calling.

This work also involves providing comfort to those in transition. A psychopomp can be considered a midwife for the dying.

This work is not at all about invoking Spirits of the Dead. It is not about Ghost Hunting. It is not about haunted homes or black magic spells. It is about Guiding the Dead.


Psychopomps are generally:

  • Adept at guiding others through such transformative experiences as death
  • Compassionate, nonjudgmental, and friendly
  • Experienced at walking between the worlds
  • They are often tricksters who will do whatever is required to achieve their goals
  • They are well versed as shapeshifters who can change their appearance to match the setting and the times
  • Arbiters who can instigate change for individuals and the culture
  • Beings who can facilitate healing in unexpected ways.

As stated, this is very much a Calling.

It requires Impeccable Shamanism!

It requires journey experience.

It requires experience in and an understanding of all of the Realms.

It requires knowledge and experience of Shamanic Extraction.

It requires Wisdom.

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