Extraction and Psychopomp

These are two advanced Shamanic courses and they do require that you have a strong background in Shamanic work.

We offer these a series of weekends. You may do only the Extraction course if desired. However, all candidates who wish to take the Psychopomp course are required to attend (or have previously attended) the Extraction segment.

About Extraction
Shamans work with the spirit or the soul and they work with energy. In the case of shamanic extraction, we work with misplaced energy. No energy is truly bad from a shamanic perspective—if energy is misplaced or it isn’t in accord with the environment (the human body, or the body of land…) it brings illness.

In Shamanic extraction, we remove displaced energy—energy that does not belong in the body—sometimes called intrusions.

This is a very powerful “hands-on” workshop where you will learn the process and techniques of this timeless and primary Shamanic way of healing and helping others.

This course is a prerequisite for the study of Psychopomp.

Though not required for the Shamanic Counseling program, Extraction it is strongly recommended.

About Psychopomp
Psychopomp is derived from Greek mythology and it means “Conductor of the Dead”.

This is a Shamanic area of special study…the healing of the Dead. This work liberates trapped Souls…Souls that are unable to move onward for a number of reasons.

This work also involves providing comfort to those in transition. A psychopomp can be considered a midwife for the dying.

This work requires 101% Impeccable dedication to the work; it is not done lightly. It is also, very much, a Calling.

This work is not at all about invoking Spirits of the Dead. It is not about Ghost Hunting. It is not about haunted homes or black magic spells. It is about Guiding the Dead.


Psychopomps are generally:

  • Adept at guiding others through such transformative experiences as death
  • Compassionate, nonjudgmental, and friendly
  • Experienced at walking between the worlds
  • They are often tricksters who will do whatever is required to achieve their goals
  • They are well versed as shapeshifters who can change their appearance to match the setting and the times
  • Arbiters who can instigate change for individuals and the culture
  • Beings who can facilitate healing in unexpected ways.

As stated, this is very much a Calling.

It requires extensive journey experience.

It requires experience in and an understanding of all of the Realms.

It requires knowledge and experience of Shamanic Extraction.

It requires Wisdom.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire as part of the admission process for this course.

These courses will take place over an interval of times 2 weekends for Extraction and 3 weekends for Psychopomp. Course size is limited to no more than four of the best, most dedicated students.

Extraction dates: April 3 and 4, 2021 (Online plus homework the week before and after the formal Gathering)

Psychopomp Dates: April 17 and 18th and 24th. (Online with a 10 Day Initiation just prior to the start plus extensive, supported homework during the interval of the 19-23rd)

If you have this Calling, please contact Paul from here: