Approaching the Land of Sedona—in a Good Way

Sedona is a place of Power.

Now, many folks come to Sedona for just this reason. They head off to vortexes, to experience this power. Some feel it. Some do not.

Some go, grab up crystals and hang out for the vibe. Some go, admire the handiwork of Nature, God or Spirit…and then pack up and head back to their Ordinary Reality.

When Neelam and I are blessed to return to Sedona, we begin this journey nine months before hand. For what happens is the formation of a new child…a child that is born from memories, from the voices of the Ancestors, a child born from the whispers of the Wind and the Call of Spirit that emanates from the land there.

These stirrings are spoken together…”I miss it…I long to touch the Red Earth…I miss my Grand Father or Grandmother tree…”

We look at each other and smile. We know we will return.

Shamanically, we can return at anytime. We often do this—we visit the Sacred Lands there in our Dreams, in our Visions. We travel there all the time.

Yet, the Ancestors of Time and Place call out to us. Therefore, we commit and take action and then we wait.

The nine months pass…and in so doing, we plant the seeds of what this journey is about.

We envision walks on new trails. We see new faces…and also faces of the Wise Ones emerging from the land.

I see myself sprinkling Sacred Tobacco as I —seek—once again, permission to enter these Sacred Lands.

Then, before we know it, we are there.

Before we step on any trail, before we venture up that canyon or step upon the Red Land, we pause and thank the land. We thank the Ancestors who lived and died there. We step with awareness, asking to walk in their footsteps. We say our prayers to Spirit, to the Earth Mother, to those who have gone before us. We ask permission to enter.

And when we do so, the wind speaks to us. We feel. We listen. And therefore, we enter Sedona in a Good Way.

We walk, often in Silence. For the Land here has much to say—if you should care to listen.

Gone the earbuds. Gone the camera that captures but fails to see. Gone the laughter that penetrates the peace of this moment. Instead, the laughter is within our hearts, shared with those who surround us. In so doing, we hear their voices—not ours.

We step lively. This means our steps are full of Life. We step with respect. We leave nothing behind but our Love. Our Essences. Our Medicine.

A stone captures our eye. We bend down and touch it with our eyes. We speak to it. We honor it. If it grants permission, it is picked up in the hands. Eyes close and a dialog takes place. If felt, permission is sought once again—”Would you like to come home with me so I may use you to help others?” On a “Yes” an alliance is formed. On a “No”, the Stone is thanked and lovingly placed where it was found.

This is how one approaches Sedona—in a Good Way.

We pay attention to everything as we Walk the Sedona Way.

We become one with Raven. We become one with the Red Rocks. We become one with the caves for the call forth and entice us to look deeper within ourselves.

We become one with the Rivers, the streams, the waterfalls. Doing so, we listen to them, we absorb their messages. We bathe in them without touching the water.

We stand in silence reading the ancient carvings on the walls. As forestry guides explain the carvings, we see them with Shamanic Eyes—observing them through the Eyes of the Heart—we go back into the days of creation. We know what the human Being wanted to say—for they tolds us so!

This BEing with Sedona in a Good Way.

We are Blessed in this Earth Walk. We are Blessed in BEing one with All Things.

Come and Join is as we ARE with Sedona—in a Good Way.