Seven Night/Eight Day Spiritual Retreat and Vortex Tour in Sedona, Arizona

Eight Day Spiritual Retreat and Vortex Tour in Sedona, Arizona

Paul and Neelam are returning to the USA hosting a Seven Night, Eight day residential Spiritual Retreat in the Sacred Land of Sedona, Arizona starting May 10 to May 17, 2020.

Noted for creating sacred and intimate Shamanic Teaching and Sharing Circles, come join Paul and Neelam for a powerful and deeply touching Spiritual Retreat that will create a cocoon for your Soul and connection to Spirit, allowing your journey to blossom and take wing. In this safe, still and quiet place, you will get in touch with what is most important to you. Our retreat allows you to Walk in Beauty and celebrate as your path unfolds.

And there is no better place for doing this important Inner Work than Sedona, Arizona!

Sedona is a place of great spiritual calling. It is a place where we can experience the rich beauty of the Earth Mother while you focus inward into the most profound journey of your Life. Here, you shall deepen your connection with your Inner Wisdom and with Spirit. The energy found in the Red Earth and mountains of Sedona is powerful and palpable and offers your Emotional and Spiritual Bodies the gift of alignment with the heartbeat of the Earth. The Great Mystery is very much alive in Sedona and it will leave an indelible place in your heart, forever…

Sedona is a World “power spot” and provides space for great transformation. Energies are vastly amplified in Sedona. The entire Sedona Valley is an Energy Vortex and what ever you seek to manifest or resolve, the energy pull is amplified. Sedona is an Ancient Land and a place of great wisdom from our Shamanic Ancestors.

Whether you are struggling for clarity or for owning your power, whether you are looking for reigniting your passion and interest in life or experiencing more of your Soul Essence, whether you want to just BE and go deep within the powerhouse of your Soul, Sedona is the place for you!

raven-in-sedonaSedona is a magical place of transformation and a Sacred Land of immense beauty. The vibration rate of everything that enters Sedona and walks within her great vortexes is quickened. Spiritual practices and energy work, breath journeys, Ancestral clearing and ceremonies on the land are greatly amplified in Sedona.

Hundreds of Vortex sites, red rocks and spiritual energy is vibrant and it pulsates in Sedona. It is a land that you experience as a pilgrimage with your Soul. It is a land that invites you to seek refuge and Spiritual renewal; it is the land to Quest for a Vision, a land to find and receive healing and to discover the wonderment of embedded in both the land and in your Soul.

Whether on a scenic hiking tour through sacred red rock canyons or sitting in a vortex of gentle wind, Sedona provides an experience of self discovery that accelerates your personal growth and that will remain with you for a lifetime.

In Sedona, your Spirit, Body, Heart and Soul come together as one as you Walk in Beauty.

This is a land that embraces our Shamanic Work and teachings and it is reinforced in its heritage.

Sedona is truly a Gift from The Creator.

Retreat plans Includes:

  1. Visit to a number of vortex sites in Sedona including:
    • Divine Masculine Vortex
    • Divine Feminine Vortex
    • The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Vortex
    • The Masculine, Feminine and Balance point Vortex
    • The Gatekeeper and Eagle’s Eye Vortex
  1. Visit to the Shaman’s Cave…
  1. Trekking on Various trails and into magical lands of Sedona…
  1. Visit archeological ruins and ancient petroglyphs…
  1. Ceremonial work and guided meditations at each sacred site. We will focus on one Vortex each Day…
  1. Create your personal medicine pouch and prayer bundle
  2. Sacred, Healing Drum Circles!
  3. Become an Earth Walker
  4. We walk into the footsteps of the Ancestors of the Red Mountains
  5. Ongoing teachings and lessons through out the day.
  6. Ample quiet time for your introspection and personal explorations

Events also include attending a Native American Sweat Ceremony and private time for your personal connection with Spirit and also time with Paul and Neelam.

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