The Influence of your Shadow

Explore the Shadow…become the parent to your Inner Children…Become the Phoenix!

I know that many of you have expressed an interest in our Becoming the Phoenix workshop. I am also aware that this workshop appears to be…well, intimidating.

Why is that so?

In the opening moments of this workshop, I acknowledge those who are present. I ask, “Who felt conflicted about coming?” A few hands go up. “Then I very much welcome you and I congratulate you for not allowing your Shadow to control you.”

Your Shadow Self is very much aware of this workshop. Your Shadow Self was fed this information by your actively engaged Ego Self. Most likely, your Ego Self told you Shadow Self something like; “Goody! I get to finally get rid of you!” And in response, the Shadow Self responded with a “Hah! That’s what you think!”

Please take a moment and silence your active mind. Take a few deep. slow breaths and close your eyes. Now call out to your Shadow Self and tell it, “It is alright. You are a part of me and therefore I love and accept you. I wish to get to know you and to work with you. I do not want to get rid of you. I want us to work together.”

Then wait. See what happens. Hear what happens. Feel what happens. Allow the Shadow Self to speak, to express itself in a safe and non triggering environment.

What does your Shadow have to say? Does it want soothing? Does it want Love? Does it want respect? Ask what message it has for you…ask if you can attend the Becoming the Phoenix. Listen to it as we do.

This is only a fraction of what these 3 days are about. See our Phoenix Page or write us for more information.

With Love and Peace,

Paul & Neelam