For our Shamanism Students: Our 1 year mentor-ship Program

Shamanic Universe LARGE Our weekend courses—Foundation of Shamanic Practice and our Advanced Course: Healing the Shamanic Soul and Heart—are intended to open the doorways for your personal Shamanic Practice. However, these workshops are only an entry point into Shamanism. We learn in a classroom setting. Sometimes, after the course has passed, we feel stuck or are unable to trust ourselves as we are fledglings on the Path. We often need a hand to accompany us on the journey. If you are ready to go far deeper in Shamanism and Shamanic work, we are now offering a dedicated, one year non-residential mentoring program. This program is intended to bring together the most dedicated Shamanic Practitioners who we have had the honor to work with over the past few years. This program is a Shamanic Test and contains numerous Shamanic initiations. For more information, please write us at:

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