About our Despacho workshop

despacho cover Since ancestral times, peoples of the Peruvian Andes have maintained a unique way of connecting or reconnecting with the harmony of nature. The names for the ceremony differ according to the region, however in recent times, it is known as “Despacho” which means to “Despach or send messages or prayers.”

A Despacho ceremony is a unique way of connecting with the energy and spirits of nature. In a Despacho, we symbolically show our love, gratitude and respect for Mother Earth and the great nature spirits of the mountains, lakes or rivers in the form of objects that represent the best of our work and our finest crops.

The tradition of the Andes are based on living according to the natural principles embodied in Despacho ceremonies. The people recognized the importance of expressing their gratitude both to the Creator and to the ultimate providers of the necessary components of all life—the Earth (soil), the Sun (energy), the Wind (air), and the Water—for they knew that without any one of them, all life would die.  Likewise, they recognized the essential need for balance in life: the complete interdependence of the masculine and the feminine, and the undeniable interconnectedness between ourselves and all other inhabitants in our Universe. As these items are placed with loving care and consideration into the Despacho... The components that are lovingly placed in the Despacho are physical and spiritual, tangible and intangible.

As these items are placed with loving care and consideration into the Despacho, we also manifest our intentions for our lives and for the lives of our family or community members.

In our Despacho workshop, we honor the traditions and lineage of this beautiful ritual. Together, we will work to create a group Despacho (Despacho is typically a group celebration, though it can also be created by an individual) and we offer our hearts to Spirit, opening ourselves to blessings and favors.

Though we shall build a group Despacho, there is room for your personal contributions. You are most welcome to bring crystals, stones, feathers, pictures, beads…things that you wish to offer to Spirit with your Love and Gratitude. We complete the day with a ceremonial fire and drum circle where are prayers and intentions are dispatched to Spirit. It is a living fire, that we watch and celebrate with drums and singing and chanting, sending our prayers and blessing upwards to the heavens.

It is a beautiful experience! Rainbow_Over_Machu_Picchu_Peru Write to us at shamanic-vision@live.com for more information on our next event, or if you would like for us to conduct one at your home or for special occasion.