The Way Guides Present Themselves – Turtle Medicine



Went to a Native American pow wow today. This particular rattle called out to me. It had turtle shell, very light n healing sounds. The vendor confirmed that this particular one was for healing. I had an inner voice which said I will use this for healing of Mother Earth. All across in different stalls, me n Paul were encountering turtle images.

As we all know there r no co incidences in Shamanism. Knowing this. on the way home. I googled power animal turtle.

Here is what I found turtle medicine is all abt :

Healing d mother earth (the inner voice I had)

Feminism n goddess energies ( I have been guided to be more in my feminine and goddess energies)


Balancing d opposite polarities (I am always pulled in opposite directions n find it difficult to balance)

Persistence n endurance (I need them right now)

Grounding (required as I have moved away from my roots)


Also recently I got guidance to work with turtle medicine with the following guidance :-

“The turtle totem is also a messenger for you to work upon in the next six months. Turtle energies connect you to Gaia frequencies and very high earth empathic dimensions swiftly and easily. Turtle reminds you to honor your own unique authentic call and the nature of your precious most unique self in all forms. They come to bring you expansion and acknowledgment of the natural flow of abundance always present in all of life as well as within you. Turtle reminds you that you can most slowing down and being in your natural feminine, following your most innate intuitive call and natural divine cycles. Relaxing more into your natural cycles without pushing in outward expectations or what others may demand from you is one of the most important directions to follow in all things you do. This energy will also teach others much and help them connect with their own natural sensory elements. The turtle gives you power to swim through anything you may feel is non serving to you at any point.”

How can it get better than that !!!!!

I rejoice and express gratitude in the miracles that my guides and power animals unfold before me, through me !!!