Food for Thought: Rest

I’m sitting here in the later evening, with the bed whispering, when a thought came to me. Here’s some food for thought….

resting  present participle of rest (Verb)

  1. Cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.
  2. Remain or be left in a specified condition: “rest assured”.

Green Sleep


  1. How restful is your rest?
  2. From what do you need rest? How long would you like to rest from it?
  3. Do you get enough rest? How much is enough?
  4. What is rest to you?
  5. Are you rested by doing something different that is not “rest”?
  6. How easy is it for you to rest?
  7. Does your mind rest when your body is at rest?
  8. Does your body rest when your mind is at rest?
  9. What is your resting heart rate?
  10. What helps you rest? Is it within you or outside of you?
  11. How do you feel when you rest?
  12. How many ways can you rest?
  13. For you, does rest require stillness?
  14. When you rest, what is the main reason?
  15. How are your Thoughts when you rest? Your Feelings? Your Senses?
  16. What changes within you when you rest?

Hope you enjoyed your little rest
With Love and Light, Paul