Welcome to the Foundations of Shamanic Practices Workshop!

A-ho Young Shamanic Student!

Paul and Neelam here, your guides into beautiful World(s) of Shamanism. We want to take a moment to thank you for signing up for our 2 day workshop on the Fundamentals of Shamanic Practice.

We shall gather at:

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, March 23-24, 2019

Venue: Hotel Suba International

Address: Plot No. 211, Sahar Road, Opp. Cigarette Factory, Chakala,
Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

Phone:022 6707 6707


Please note the timings:

Breakfast is provided on both days. Breakfast service begins at 8:00 a.m.

Workshop Time:– Please reach the workshop (We will be in the Seville Room, located downstairs) at 8.45 am SHARP. Registration must be completed by 9 am. The workshop starts sharp at 9:10 am. Please DO NOT be late as we will be creating sacred space and it will disturb the flow of the workshop. The workshop will end by 6 pm both days.

Please enter the room with your cell phones turned off


Neelam and I are excited to sit and share and journey with you. We are going to have a wonderful time together!

For the workshop you will want to wear loose, comfortable clothes and eat lighter foods the night before. Please also try to limit intake of caffeine or alcohol before our workshop.

You will go on a number of Shamanic Journeys during our days together. You may do these journeys seated or laying down. You may want to bring yoga mat, blanket/towel and pillow(s) with you. Eye covers or a bandana may be beneficial to help keep it dark behind your closed eyes, eliminating visual distraction.

If you have drums, rattles, singing bowls, manjiras, please bring them. These are a very important part of Shamanic Practice. (Not compulsory)

Please bring a notebook and a pen. This is an experiential workshop and you will be required to take notes and write down your journey experiences (compulsory). Recording of the workshop is NOT permitted.

All phones MUST be turned off during the workshop.

Feel free to bring any crystals with you to the workshop (Not compulsory). These may be used while you journey or may be part of our Medicine Wheel/Altar.

You will need a palm sized stone (a natural rock, no crystals) that you may find in a garden or near a tree or in nature. Pick up the stone which calls out to you. You will need this for a Divination exercise on Saturday (Compulsory). The attached photo shows ideal sizes. You only need one stone.

We are going to give you two assignments before we meet. It won’t take long, we promise :).

Assignment #1
We’d like for you to find a tree somewhere near you, especially one that you can visit easily. All you have to do is walk up to the tree, say “Hello” and reach out and touch it. Spend some time with the tree…speak to it either silently or out-loud and then listen.

However, we would like for you to listen in a different way…not with the ears, instead listen with the Heart and through your touch. Allow whatever comes from the tree, allow it to come into you. It is important that you keep yourself open to whatever happens and to whatever you sense. We’ll talk about your experiences in the workshop. Hopefully you can visit your tree multiple times….

Assignment #2
Please write down at least 5 questions on which you seek personal guidance. These questions are to be only about you…not a family member, nor a loved one or anyone else but you. Also, do not ask questions that answer a “When?” During our time together you will have a chance to find the answers to these questions.

We will discuss these further in class.

If you want to learn a bit more on Shamanism, feel free to look over this page: About Shamanism

In addition, we have a one hour webinar on Shamanism that will be very beneficial for all of you; it will reinforce knowledge for those of you who have studied with us before and who repeating Foundations. The webinar is found here:

Soundcloud version: https://goo.gl/587Epp

Youtube film version: https://youtu.be/Duc2nIAbpXg

We look forward to seeing you this coming weekend!


Paul & Neelam


You have also been added to a special whatsapp group for this Gathering. Here is the message we put up for everyone who was added to the group:


Welcome to your private whatsapp group for this weekends upcoming workshop:

3 Days of Shamanic Bliss—Mumbai!

Neelam and I welcome you to this course.

This whatsapp group is for us to interact, share, have Q&A and also to begin your initiation into Shamanism.

Before I open the group up to two way conversation, here are a few ground rules:

#1) This is Sacred Space. This space has been sanctified and therefore, we are here as a family of One. We share. There is no judgment. There is only Love and Support.

#2) There is no analysis here. Please do not tell someone what something means. What we will experience here is filled with metaphors. A metaphor is the strongest words for personal change work and they are also highly personal. Therefore, the protocol that we use is this; “If this were my (X) I would….”

(X could be a metaphor, a situation, a memory or dream or experience.)

#3) When Neelam and I post something lengthy, we will begin and also end our post with <><><>Please do not interrupt our post until you see that final <><><>

#4) Please, no forward messages. No “Good Mornings” and “Happy X (pick the occasion). Let’s focus 100% on Shamanism.

#5) No self promotion.

#6) This one is VERY IMPORTANT. Please, please, please, READ all Posts that have been made by others before you post anything. We are not at all thrilled about answering the same questions again and again because you failed to read an earlier reply. By pre-reading others posts, you are being respectful to the other Tribal Members, and to us.


Earlier today, I sent all of you an email, welcoming you to the upcoming workshop. Please check your email and also you spam folder. Please add me to your favorites.

Once you have read the message, give me a thumbs up sign here on whatsapp.

It is important that you do read the message, It is a bit long, however it has import information to help you prepare for the weekend and it also has some homework assignments that need to be completed before we Gather.

If you have any questions, please post them here.

Please know this: Neelam and I are not just “talking heads.” As teachers, we seek and encourage you to engage in conversation and to ask questions. Shamanism is a ongoing, life long learning and a Way of Life, a Way of BEing. It asks that we are always Open and Curious. Allow yourself to become a child again, full of wonderment to everything that surrounds you. Release the constraints of Cultural Conditioning and heavy Thought and Analysis.

So feel free ask questions and get ready, for a tremendous journey awaits you!