Time to Saddle Up!

In 2016, I stood before a collection of petroglyphs at the Palatki Ruins near Sedona, Arizona.

I went inward, into the Stillness…into that special Sacred Space of the Heart. My vision shifted as I now looked with the Eyes of the Heart and through the Eyes of one of my Power Animals: Owl.

A man painted the image…a fellow who was tasked to tell the stories of his people. He was held in high regard, for his art was of great importance. For the people, his were the stories of Legends and of Pivotal Moments in the Lives of his Tribe. His art held lessons, history and records of great events in the lives of his people. He was revered.

I saw him doing his work…I saw the bowl of crushed berries that made the pigment; I saw his fingertips caked in the colors of Sedona: red and burnt umber, of soot and ash and of fruity purples and sage greens.

He stared with relentless eyes—with a hunters eyes—seeing both relived memory and looking deep, far beyond the fascia of the stone canvas that rose before him. He leaned closer to the work while the sun bore down upon his naked back.

He sat on the earth—connected to the Earth Mother and to his Highest Self and beyond….

Children played in the background…and women crafted ground maize with rugged hands while men returned with food for the night.

Yet, the artist remained focused as life went on around him. For this moment was his Life…and the Life of a moment that would last far longer than he could ever imagine….

I returned to the Now. Now heard the conversation of the images…

Horse: I have traveled far to be here…I am old. Very Old. But my heart is young. I want to move!

Deer: I too have been here for a long time. I have heard much.

Horse: What have you heard, Deer?

Deer: The many voices of the Wind. Voices of The People. The Songs Of Birth. The Song Of Life. And the Songs of Death. I have heard the voice of the Sun as it has moved for countless days…years…lifetimes across the sky.

Horse: Yes! And I have seen these things in my travels.

Deer: And where have your travels taken you, my friend?

Horse: Far. Very far.

Deer: But you are like me, a creature of paint.

Horse: This is so. But I live in the heart of those who see me. I travel in their hearts and in their dreams.

Deer: How is that so?

Horse: Because I only go with those who truly see me!

Deer: Ahh…there was a little girl this morning…

Horse: Yes! I saw how she looked at you. That is the Way they should see you!

Deer: Will I travel with her?

Horse: Only if you allow yourself to!

Deer: How do I do that?

Horse: Be like me. Commit to moving!

Deer: Ummm….

Horse: I see the spark in your eye. It is time for you to saddle up!

Their conversation ended. I watched the legs of Horse and Deer shimmer and move, replaced now with a few of the Old Ones who filled in the space….

They spoke together in hushed tones. One of them stepped forward: “You told the legend in beautiful way my son.”

The artist stood and stretched his back. He gathered his materials and walked away, and in doing so, the golden sun touched the Horse and Deer, drying them to the stone where they live to this day.


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