The Empowered Mama

Interested in how ancestral healing can help you break the disruptive patterns that negatively affect your relationship with yourself and your children?

Listen in as Violet Moon, and Paul and Neelam discuss the importance of understanding the emotional blocks created by negative ancestral energy and how understanding it can create more balance and alignment for for you and your children and generations to come.

This dynamic trio have put together a very powerful and empowering workshop that they shall share in New York City on Saturday and Sunday, May 6 – 7th, 2017.

A series of short recordings and videos have been produced on this workshop. The first one (Audio) can be found here:

Video for Part 1 is here:

Video for Part 2 is here:

Video for Part 3 is here:

Video for Part 4 is here:

Video for Part 5 is here:

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