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Walk with us in Beauty in our Foundation of Shamanic Practices workshop. This is an introduction to the practice of Shamanism, the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind. In this experiential, two day workshop, doors shall open for you as you are introduced and enter the gateway onto the Shamanic Path. You will see your daily world with refreshed vision and discover the meaning of your spiritual journey.

Our Foundation of Shamanic Practices Workshop covers:

  • An Introduction to Shamanism & Shamanic practices
  • Shamanism as viewed from a global perspective while honoring the lineage of the practice.
  • Getting out of your Mind and learn to see from the Eyes of your Heart.
  • Introduction to Non-Ordinary Reality; using Shamanic methods to explore these hidden universes.
  • Take an exploratory Journey to the Lower realm and then at least seven more journeys into the Lower Realm over the weekend.
  • Learn about and discover how to work with Power Animals.
  • Retrieve lost spiritual powers for yourself and others.
  • Introduction and practical application of Shamanic Divination Methods.
  • Introduction to the Upper Realm with at least six additional Upper World journeys on day 2.
  • Meet your personal spirit helpers and teachers in Non-Ordinary Reality and receive healing in your Journeys.
  • Learn to work with Nature and Elementals.
  • Learn ways to seek answers and guidance for yourself and others.
  • Discover and work with the gifts of your power song and/or power object…
  • Ethics in Shamanic Practices is strongly emphasized through out the weekend.

Each course is unique and has special lessons that are influenced by the energy and needs of the students. There is always something new and different as we always flow and listen to Spirit!

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone looking for an accelerated spiritual growth and awakening of dormant spiritual powers.
  • Anyone who needs answers for daily life’s problems and questions directly without the use of an intermediary.
  • Healers and Therapist of any modality or practice.
  • All those who would like to attend our advanced courses like Shamanic Extractions & Soul Retrievals, Psycho-pomp and our other Advanced programs.

This workshop does not require any background information or knowledge. Anybody may attend and derive benefit from the knowledge of these practices.

About your Teachers Paul & Neelam:
We are Twin Flames, fulfilling our Souls’ purpose by speaking, sharing, teaching, and living fully on this beautiful Shamanic Path. We are both Shamanic Practitioners, Shamanic Counselors and Agents of Change. We teach from the heart and have held beautiful, safe, sacred and intimate teaching circles around the World.

Paul has been on his intuitive journey in various ways from a very young age. Highly creative, heart centered and compassionate, Paul exudes a “Grandfatherly” quality and is highly approachable.

Neelam is also a highly evolved Inner Child Therapist. Dedicated to sharing her knowledge and compassionate heart with others, Neelam blends intuitive wisdom with solid understanding, creating a powerful, holistic approach, specializing in the areas of Emotional change.

To learn more of Paul and Neelam, here is a recent article was published on us in Life Positive, March 2015:

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What some of our students have to say about this course:
“What another amazing, informative guided workshop by Paul and Neelam.. This day was filled with powerful teachings. We learned so many things and practiced them all. There was a feeling of cohesiveness which I find to be very beneficial. Between Paul and Neelam, they offer a rich and bountiful relationship between each other which reflects onto the workshop, giving participants a feeling of coming home. It’s very important to feel safe when conducting participating in workshops. With Paul and Neelam, that feeling is there in every way. I highly recommend any workshops given by this dynamic duo. Many blessings my friends, and until we meet again.. Peace, love and light…” Barbara

“Neelam and Paul, What an Amazing learning experience I had this past Tuesday with you both. I am so grateful for our coming together. I will definitely integrate my learnings into my practice, and I can foresee bringing much positive changes to people’s lives. May you both continue with your expansion and sharing of yourselves with others in an authentic way. Until our paths cross again. Thank you”, Ricardo Galvan, Infinite Paths – Holistic Life Coach/Practitioner/ CHHC, M.A.Ed, MPNLP, C. Ht


We have a recorded webinar titled, ‘An Intimate Conversation on Shamanism with Paul & Neelam.’ Join us for an hour of conversation about Shamanism, including some misconceptions on this beautiful spiritual pathway.

Soundcloud version:  Youtube film version:

Timings: August 25-26th, 2017 from 9:00 am. to 6 p.m.

Venue: Aumtara the Spiritual Hub, South Extension 1, New Delhi

Energy Investment: 13999 INR.

Out of respect to our students, seating is limited. Therefore, a mandatory, non-refundable seating deposit of 5000 INR is required to ensure your seat.

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