Sea is My Mother Retreat, Feb. 2020

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The sea has always been a place of mystery; it is vast, beautiful, awesome and fearsome. It teems with creatures so different from land dwellers…creatures of mystery and of special gifts—the gifts of the Sea.

Something about the sea allows adults to feel like children, we let go and play in the water and the sand. The beach is the place where we can just BE; it is when we reach this state of Being where we can find who we truly are. When we come to this source, we activate the magic within us, and connect—fully—with the power of the natural world.

The ocean allows us to listen to the voice of our Souls . We need to hear this wisdom and connect with the rich Seas of our inner self.

Sea healing with shamanic vision logoThe Sea Healing Retreat will give us an opportunity to find our own sacred space and sanctuary within and touch our core Being. Simple yet profound, the exercises and processes that we shall do at the beach and in our quiet space will be therapeutic and uplifting.

The sea is nurturing, wild, calm, playful, roaring, sensual, vast, abundant, mystical and mysterious. Together we shall dive into these facets of our own Being and discover our own all encompassing Life and mystery.

Sometimes there are no answers. Sometimes there is just a feeling. Sometimes there is this silent relating. We shall explore this by connecting with the Sea.

We all long for being heard, understood, held, embraced and loved for who we are. The Sea Mother is the Mother of all Mothers. From her all life has been birthed.

We shall speak and the Mother will listen. We shall cry and the mother will embrace. We shall roar and she shall not judge.

We shall build castles and let them be carried away by the Sea. Caressed by her waves, we shall wash away all that we no longer need. Into her ebb and flow , we shall learn about our own life. And in her profound wisdom, we shall find peace.

We shall laugh and play and sing and dance. We shall drum, dance, sing and feast. We shall bring to the circle the sensuality of the mermaid and the mermen. We shall dive into our wombs and heal our hara.

And together we shall discover how to unlock the Sea as a “Medicine for our heart and soul” .

Come join us for this 4 nights and 5 days of magical healing at the Sea is My Mother retreat facilitated by Neelam Nanwani Hinsberger and supported by Paul Hinsberger.

When :- Feb. 26-March 1, 2020
Where :- Kerala, India

The retreat is limited to 8 participants. Prior registration is a must.

Contact Neelam for more details by completing the following:

Here is a short video on the retreat: