Removal of “it”

This is special, hidden page on our website.

You have come to me with a very rare presenting issue: You believe that you have an entity that is living within you.

In the world of Shamanism, what you are telling me is this:

1) An intelligent foreign energentic Body is now living inside of you.

2) It now controls you—your thoughts and actions—and you are not in charge.

3) It makes you do things that you would never do.

4) You have had a “complete personality change”

If these resonate with you and has been your experience, please fill out the following questionnaire:

Note: From this point onward, I will address this “Entity” as “it”.

Please complete every field of the questionnaire!

The questionnaire is in MS Word. You will need to select “save file” to work with the document.  Please type in the spaces indicated. You will type in tables that will expand.  The form is found here:

Entity Intake Form

Once completed. please save the file and send to me:

Paul Hinsberger

Please note: I will review your completed questionnaire and will get back to you very quickly. If we proceed, an Exploratory Shamanic Journey will be required. This is the first step in this process.

With Blessings,