Release and Relinquish

When someone undertakes a Healing Journey in this lifetime, an important part of the experience is to Release. Many folks hold on to that which no longer serves them for a hell of a long time.

In our Practice, we do a lot of release work. When you work with your River, you can release things. You will use the current to wash away that which no longer serves you.

You will simply open your arms and allow the water to flow through your heart. Because the Heart Chakra has two sides to it when you face the water, you clear blocks to receive Love. When the water flows through the back, you clear blocks in giving Love.

You may also lay belly down on the Earth, giving your tears to the Earth Mother. Don’t worry, she can handle it!

You may also use your Tree because they hug back too! And those roots…oh yes, do you seek grounding during the release? Trees provide a very good way to do this.

Also, it is one thing to release that which ails you, you also need to thank whatever you have released for the lessons you acquired (So you better find out what the lesson is)!

However, most folks stop at “release.”

We go beyond release. We also need to relinquish. This means you truly let go of any attachments you may have to this thing.

When folks only release, they are challenged to step away from the “Handholds of the Past” when it comes to healing or curing. Folks need not only Release—they must also Relinquish.

To relinquish means that you have absolutely ZERO attachments to the person, place, thing, or memory. When you relinquish (X) it is 100% neutral to you. You have Fully Surrendered any form of previous attachment to that (X).

Here’s an example of Release and Relinquishment.

My father loves to fly fish.

One day, he tells me: “Oh Paul, I caught this beautiful, two-foot-long trout…he was amazing! After I removed the hook, I held him in my hands…such a fantastic fish! I held him in the water and then let him go…I felt as good to catch him as it was to set him free.”
This is Release.

However, if my dad were to continue; “But, I wish to God that I kept him! I would love to have him stuffed and mounted on my wall!”

Had dad said this, he would have failed to relinquish the fish. He would have an attachment to the fish in a Not So Good Way.

So when you release something, ask yourself if you have also relinquished it. Apply your Felt Sense. If anything is still there, go back to the River and find out what is needed to fully relinquish it, and therefore, allow yourself to fully heal.


From: The River of Life by Paul Hinsberger