Paul & Neelam’s Shamanic Vision Worldwide podcasts (starting in 2020)

Greetings Dear Ones!

Neelam and I have found a suitable platform for us to resume our podcasts. You may find us here:

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Please feel free to write to us from below with questions or topics that you would like for us to speak on.

Season 1

Episode 3
Join Paul & Neelam as they focus on Dreams tonight. Neelam answers questions from listeners regarding the importance of Dreams as tools for healing, but more importantly, how Dreams offer us a gateway to connecting with our Souls.

Episode 2
Join Paul and Neelam as they speak of the effect of the current situation on future generations and how we can move forward in a positive and emotionally and spiritually healthy and empowered manner. By doing so, we reduce the potential for impact to our children and future progeny up to 7 generations forward.

Episode 1
Join Paul & Neelam for a short sharing of Traditional Shamanic Ways in light of the current situation of the world’s evolution.