Ancestral Healing

We have conducted a physical Ancestral Healing workshop for a few years now and it is a very deep and far reaching practice.

We are now offering this program (It’s about an 13 hour program when done in a physical gathering) as an online course.

For us, this means LIVE teaching that is conducted online. This allows for full student/teacher interaction and live Q&A. In addition, we will record the sessions and make then available for you to listen to in between sessions.

The course will be held in 4×3 hour sessions. The dates are:

Dates and Time:

Class 1: Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. IST

Class 2: Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. IST

Class 3: Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. IST

Class 4: Sunday, September 30, at 3:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. IST

Energy Investment: $225.00 or 13999 INR

No Prior Shamanic Experience is necessary.

Details on the course are found below.

We carry in our bodies the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain, and grief of our ancestors…

We are often unaware of how the energy of old family wounds influences how we think and act.

Patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, poor health, and many other traits are passed down through generations.

These traits have created energetic imprints which need clearing so the ancestral pattern ceases to influence or control our behavior or health. Ancestral imprints may manifest as:

  • A debilitating belief or emotion which you share with other members of your family lineage;
  • A particularly destructive behavior such as substance abuse, addiction or incest which runs through your family…
  • Health problems or accidents that appear in “themes” along a male or female lineage.
    Example: Men of the family having heart attacks in their mid 40’s / back injuries found women of the family at a particular age…Ancestral Healing is most appropriate for the following conditions:
  • When there is a dysfunctional pattern in your life or in the lives of family members. These patterns hold you back and keeps you from being happy or having the best life you can.
  • Example: Having a repetitive cycle of succeeding and then losing it all.
  • When you have reached a plateau on your life or are feeling stuck and want to progress further.
  • Even though you’ve done considerable healing, you feel blocked or restless, ready to move on but something stops you. This would be a good time to look to your Ancestors to see why this is happening.

We have discovered that many people with traumatic family histories need ancestral healing for personal healing to occur.

In our 2 day experiential workshop, you will discover how Ancestral healing helps you step out of the patterns you have lived in for so long, allowing you to walk your path with clarity and make peace with our family histories.

A sampling of some of the points covered:

  • Why Ancestral Work is important
  • Types of Ancestors
  • Connecting with Ancestors and ways to communicate
  • Ancestral Altars: A place of Power, a place of Peace
  • Is it karmic or genetic predisposition?
  • How to strengthen Ancestral relationships
  • Numerous exercises and guided explorations into the realms of our Ancestors.
  • Working with and inside the Circle of Ancestors
  • You will be taken deep into the Hall of the Ancestors–a very special place that will become your own.
  • Dive into the water of Huna, the very ancient wisdom and approach to healing and understanding of Life as viewed by the traditions of  the Pacific Islands
  • Deep studies and application of a method of Ancestral Lines Clearing.This work not only heals the Ancestors, it takes it forward and resolves potential issues for your descendants. This is very powerful work.

Prerequisites: None

Some people have asked about the difference between past life regression and Ancestral Healing. Often, when clients search for the ancestor who initiated a pattern of dysfunction, they find they were the ancestor in a past life.

However, this is not necessarily the case in every Ancestral Healing.

In past life regression, a client is searching for one or more past lives that are affecting his or her present life. For example, if a person is afraid of the water, maybe he drowned in a past life as a sailor or had a life in which he was killed in a flood. If this issue affects only the client and no one else in the family, it is suitable for altering in past life regression therapy.

In Ancestral Healing, the client and practitioner look together at issues that affect not only the client but other members of the family. If the person has an abandonment issue and observes that his mother, aunts, grandmother and siblings have also played out this issue in their lives, then it is not merely a singular issue in his life, but a familial issue that has a heritage basis.

The primary difference between past life regression and Ancestral Healing is that past life regression only affects an individual’s wounds and challenges, whereas Ancestral Healing the issues affecting the individual also appear in other family members.

From one of our students:

“Dear Paul and Neelam
A big thank you and gratitude to you two for conducting a beautiful workshop on Ancestral healing. many answers were found to the questions i hadn’t even bothered to delve into. The journeys were amazing and each step that Paul took us into visavis the journey opened so many gates towards my loving Ancestors …..I wanted to do the Phoenix but did Ancestral instead….needless to say that there are no regrets. …enjoyed every bit and once again the purity and energy of your workshop helped me to discover one more aspect of me…love you both and looking forward to your workshop on Dreams in Delhi.”

Listen to a recent webinar we did on Ancestral Healing Ancestral Healing Webinar audio file (Click to listen)

Youtube version is found HERE.

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