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Current Issue: Issue# 6: 1st Qtr 2018

Cover 1st Qtr 2018

In all that we do, in all that we say, in all that we think, we leave behind a footprint of where we have been, and of what we experience. This is a sharing gift to the World. A sharing gift to mankind, and to all of our relations.

So, this month we look at footprints.

Many of the articles in this issue are sharings from students and friends. So come, and walk with them and follow their footprints as they open doors and offer us glimpses into their own sacred journeys.


Issue #5: September, 2017
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In This Issue:

A New Vision, A New Story: How to use one of our Gifts: Free Will. A Guided Meditation awaits!

The Vision Quest: An Ancient Tradition comes to Life. Are you open to a Vision?

Feed your Intentions! Do your Dreams fizzle and die? It takes more than a Dream to make a Dream come true!

What Happened? A Poem, a Vision, a Prayer

A Standing Deer Story: The River of Inspiration. Standing Deer finds Inspiration that saves his People.


Issue #4: June, 2017

We have been traveling—both physically and spiritually—over the past few months and have experienced much. During these travels, many themes have come to us…many lessons and many teachings. And since we are currently in the U.S.A., a particular topic came to me: Freedom. The U.S.A. was founded on principles of Freedom and many little things wiggled their way into my awareness recently that they needed an outlet and hence, this is the Theme for this issue. This is subtle issue…an issue for reflection and inner work.

Issue #3: Spring 2017

This month, our Theme is Nature, and that is nature with a Capital N. In the Ways of our Ancestors, in the Way of the Shamanic Path, Nature encompasses everything. In this Way of BEing, we are aware of Nature in every breath, in every footstep; she fills our Dreams, our Visions and She resides deep within our Hearts. Come and experience Nature in a new and different Way.

Previous Issues

Issue #1: 4th Qtr, 2016
Medicine Man

Introduction; The Power of the Ancient Ways; Sedona! Walking the Red Road in a Land of Red Soil; Welcome to my  Shamanism!; Shamanism–Five Hours; Full Moon Earth Healing; About Standing Deer; ending with quote by Tatangi Mani or White Buffalo.

Issue #2: 1st Qtr, 2017


This issue is guided by Inspiration. The articles unfolded one by one, creating a number of themes and much like rain drops in a pond, they have a life of their own. May these rain drops inspire, soften and reach far beyond you as the ripples gently dissipate.