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Starting October 1, 2016 we began a self-published Quarterly E-Magazine called ‘Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart.

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Current Issue: Issue #2: 1st Qtr, 2017


Features in this Issue: This issue is guided by Inspiration. The articles unfolded one by one, creating a number of themes and much like rain drops in a pond, they have a life of their own. May these rain drops inspire, soften and reach far beyond you as the ripples gently dissipate.

Previous Issues

Issue #1: 4th Qtr, 2016
Medicine Man

Introduction; The Power of the Ancient Ways; Sedona! Walking the Red Road in a Land of Red Soil; Welcome to my  Shamanism!; Shamanism–Five Hours; Full Moon Earth Healing; About Standing Deer; ending with quote by Tatangi Mani or White Buffalo.