Online Foundation of Shamanic Practices Workshop

We offer our noted Foundations of Shamanic Practices workshop in three formats: live physical workshops in cities around the world, in private 1 to 1 online studies and in a online, group setting. This page is dedicated to the online group format.

We do not reduce the content of our courses. Therefore, the same attention to detail and spontaneous teaching points that come from Spirit are present. In our group online course, the class size is limited to no more than 8 students.

You have been directed to this page because you wanted to attend our Foundations or our 3 Days of Shamanic Bliss and stepped forward too late. We HONOR these Traditions and Teachings and we will not over book our course Gatherings. Therefore, our Online Teachings are just as Sacred and Honorable to the Old Ways as possible. That means two things:

1—We are ALWAYS TEACHING LIVE. No pre-recorded teachings are offered. You will have us 100% LIVE online.

2—You MUST BE 100% COMMITTED and are PRESENT with every Gathering!

COMMITMENT is a BIG word in Shamanism. Shamanism, and especially the Path of the Spiritual Warrior, is all about COMMITMENT and ACTION.

Please read the following:


The Path of the Shamanic/Spiritual Warrior

The Warrior is dedicated to NO GAP—there is no gap between getting an inspiration and acting on it. There is no getting caught up in Resistance nor finding reasons to not to do it. When folks first hear whispers from the creator, “Go try this”, we get excited and then something holds us back. The resistance monster gets us; the procrastination monster gets us.

Warriors don’t let that happen. They honor the message that comes. They understand the importance of honoring that message. They recognize that the message comes from the soul, from the higher power.

We honor it by acting on it. That’s the way of BEing in Partnership with Spirit. Spirit wants so much to be in Partnership with you, but your end of the Partnership is in following through and doing it.

You must have heard of that philosophy that five people in the world get a great idea and only one acts on it, whether it’s the phone or the computer. This is no different.

So when something occurs to you, a new idea, a new project, a direction to take, then act on it right away. Use that energy of that, “Oh Wow, I know what to do!” and take that energy and propel yourself forward, instead of sitting back and saying, “Oh, I will get to it tomorrow” or “This is not the right time, or I have this or that problem.” What happens then is that, that energy dies off when you ride the wave of awareness for too long. Soon, procrastination sets in and “poof” the inspiration is gone.

People do this all the time. And then they feel guilty for not acting on that inspiration.

It’s important to act on it and doing so without hesitation. Doing this is like opening up the faucet and then all sorts of amazing rich, original ideas start to flow out of you and you start to move in to the “Path of Spirit” and then the universe comes in and helps.

You know what we speak about. You have all had moments when you have acted on something and yes, sometimes, the universe throws you a curve ball, and it will test you and detour you off of that project or new idea. That’s o.k., this is only part of the deal and The Warriors understand this.

When resistance shows up, Warriors get excited. Resistance is a sign that you are going in the right direction. And Warriors get super excited with what needs to be done and for what awaits!

Next time something happens—in the next couple of days or in the next week—when something occurs to you, maybe you get an invitation to a new idea…then you may say; “You know what, I am just gonna act on it. I might not do it perfectly, I might not know exactly what to do, but that’s o.k. because, I am about progress, NOT perfection”.

No gap between between an idea or inspiration that comes to you suddenly and then just moving forward, that’s the Warrior’s Code.

That’s the path of freedom.


These Teachings ask a lot of you. So, First and Foremost, ask yourself this Question:

Am I Ready, Willing and Preapared to Take 100% FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY LIFE, Now?”

If Yes, then read on.


Our live Foundations of Shamanic Practices Course is usually offered in two days with an average running time of 14 hours of teachings and sharings.

Private instruction runs less (1 to 1) because of the reduced sharing as there is only one student.

We can anticipate 12 hours of Online Live Video Teaching time. Therefore, this Program will be held in four, 3 Hour segments.

In addition, there is a private, online forum where you will receive homework assignments (we call them Mile Posts). You can anticipate 2 hours of homework during the program.

We will conduct the program in December, 2017 through January 2018. Dates will be determined once we have at least 4 committed students on board.

The Program is conducted on Zoom. Zoom is a Free, Cloud Based application that works on PC, Mac and Android phones. You will need to have this installed and tested before hand. You will need to be a quiet and private space for the duration of each of our Gatherings.

We will meet in a private room that is only open to you.

Energy Investment: 13000 INR paid in FULL prior to the start of the program.

To begin the Enrollment Process, please complete the following: