One Year Medicine Wheel Teachings Application

A-ho Dear One!

Here is the application for the One Year Medicine Wheel Teaching/Shamanic Mentorship Program.

Please click the Blue Text below to read the .pdf file.

One Year Shamanic Mentorship Program 2020

After reading the application, if you have not yet done so, please journey on you attending the One Year Program. If you get a positive message from your Guides (please share with me), then proceed with the questions on the last page.

Here are the questions:
1: Describe yourself
2: Your background in healing and/or your spiritual path.
3: Who have your shamanic teachers been?
4: Who has inspired you on your shamanic path?
5: What healing modalities have you learned and how do you use these techniques with others?
6: Discuss your relationship with your Spirit Guides. How have you deepened your relationship with them?
7: How do you envision using this training?
8: Will you commit to all twelve circles over a period of a year?

Full contact details including phone number and address, email address. An interview on Zoom is also mandatory.

Please email us at: