One Year Medicine Wheel Teachings Application

A-ho Dear One!

Here is the application for the One Year Medicine Wheel Teaching/Shamanic Mentorship Program.

Please read and complete the questions on the last page of the file:

One Year Shamanic Mentorship Program 2017-2018

Here are the questions:

Please send us an email with your personal reasons for wishing to be accepted into this program. Your letter should include:

  • Description of yourself.

  • Your background in healing and/or your spiritual path.

  • Who have your shamanic teachers been? Who has inspired you on your shamanic path?

  • What healing modalities have you learned and how do you use these techniques with others?

  • Discuss your relationship with your Spirit Guides. How have you deepened your relationship with them?

  • How do you envision using this training?

  • Will you commit to all twelve circles over a period of a year?

  • Full contact details including phone number and address, email address. An interview on Zoom is also mandatory.