Journey of the Self & Spirit

Here is the Journey of the Self and Spirit–River of Life Master version. It is in Open Office Calc–a spreadsheet application.

Use this as a tool to converse with ANYTHING.

Instructions are found in the first sheet.

Simply click the link to download and follow the directions.

Journey of the Self and Spirit River of Life MASTER 2018


Here is a little sample of a conversation between myself and my River of Life:

Me Dear One! I saw you this morning from a very different perspective. I was sitting on a ledge and you were far away. I could see you…I could hear you…but you were a long way down and there was no way to reach you unless I had wings.
River This is because your perspective is changing…there is much going on within you right now and you want to distance yourself from things.
Me This is true. It was very quiet and peaceful there. Your voice called up to me.
River And what did it say?
Me “I am always flowing within you…I am always Guiding you…regardless of what happens, I am here for you as I know you are for me.”
River Yes!
Me Thank you my dear Friend.
River A-ho!
Me A-ho!

BE Open and Curious.

Do not censor.

Let the words flow…