Introduction to Shamanism: Finding The Divinity Within

Shamanism is the Worlds oldest form of Spiritual Practice. It is found all around the World. And though Shamanism is not a religion, it is found in every religion in the World. Sometimes, it is right on the surface and sometimes, it is deeply hidden.

As a Spiritual Path, it is personal, private and for the actively engaged Shamanic Practitioner, it is uniquely theirs. Therefore, Shamanism is without dogma. It simply…is!

Neelam and I view Shamanism as a Sacred Path. We honor the Ancestors of Shamanism. We honor the Lineage of this Path. We honor and are highly respectful of the Traditional Ways and Teachings. For us, Shamanism is a complete way of BEing. It is how we Live and Love and of experiencing the beauty of Life and Spirit.

Our Hearts soar and sing and with never ending passion and we reach incredible places because of Shamanism.

We wish to share this with the World.

Therefore, we are starting a simple, online program: An Introduction to Shamanism: Finding The Divinity Within.

This is a four hour recording that talks about the Divine Journey that is found within You.

This is not at all about the Shamanic Journey Process.

Instead, it is about the most powerful and life changing journey you will ever undertake: The Journey inward, deep into your Heart and deep into your own Soul.

In addition, you will have the option to join a whatapp group dedicated only to these teachings. One of the beauties of this Practice is that you never stop learning!

Energy Investment: $40.00 payable through Paypal or EFT to the USA. Students in India may pay through bank transfer.

To enroll, please fill out the following info. We will respond right away.

With Blessings along the Way!