Huna Stone Reading Workshop

Huna Stones

Have you ever stared at the sky when it was scattered with clouds, searching for an answer to an important question? Or perhaps you’ve sought counsel in Tarot cards, the Chinese I Ching or the Celtic Runes? These are forms of oracular guidance and problem-solving known as divination. There are many forms of divination; they can come from sources that are hidden from the awareness of others in daily life. These answers show us the “divine will” in their responses.

Changes, challenges and questions fill our lives. How we respond to them can affect us for years to come. Shall I buy this house? Is this a good location for my business? How can I increase my creativity? How do I slow down to my own natural rhythm?

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn a powerful method of divination that focuses on the reading of hand held stones (from 3 to 7 stones—stones are provided and a few limited sets are also available for purchase). This ancient practice comes from the practices of Huna—a Hawaiian word meaning “secret” that also refers to the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia.

About the Instructors:
Paul (California) and Neelam (India) are Shamanic Practitioners and Counselors who conduct workshops on Shamanism, Shadow work, Inner Child Therapy and Talking Circles. A Twin Flame couple, Paul and Neelam bring Passion, Love and Intimacy in their workshops. Come join us for an afternoon of amazing readings and insights, sharing and laughter.

For respect to our students, seating is limited to 12 students. Reservations are required. To reserve your seat, please call us: (India) 9979901933 or email us at: with the subject line RE: Huna Stone.

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