Healing the Father Wound

A Deep Exploration to healing the wounding around the first man that we know: Our Fathers

Do you struggle to get close to romantic partners due to fear of abandonment? Are you out of touch with your own sense of intuition? Was your relationship with your father deeply disappointing, neglectful, or devaluing of you? Do you tend to sacrifice your needs, so you are always in the service of helping others?When our relationship with our primary caregivers is of disappointment, our sense of Self is always not rooted. We always wonder who we are; we are afraid to bring forth our gifts out in the world. Our egos, more often than not, rule our Soul. Our sense of adequacy and worth is severely wounded. We are over critical, over-giving, and yet we are unable to establish ourselves in the world in the area of love, money, work, and health. Our relationship with the Self and the world is also damaged. 

Join Neelam Nanwani, who has navigated this wound for 47 years of her life. She has lived it and has been able to work with it. She has learned, come to an understanding, and acquired wisdom. She has experienced it in her relationship with other men (friends, partners, a brother, bosses, acquaintances). Her own relationship with men, all areas of her own masculine have healed and are healing as she worked around the wounding with her father – the first masculine. 

Healing the Father Wound – Part 1

Dates: We will Gather of two consecutive Sundays, August 23 and August 30th, 2020
Timings: 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (There will be breaks and a lunch time)

Venue- from the comfort of your own home

Energy Investment: 14999 INR or $200.00

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