Application Form For Teacher’s Training For Empowered Woman

Thank you for your interest in the teachers training program for the Empowered Woman’s program by Neelam Nanwani.


Please read the terms and conditions before applying (exact copy of terms and conditions to follow)

(1) You will be a teacher under the brand of Shamanic Vision.

(2) You will be required to hold atl east 3 Empowered Woman workshops in a given year

(3) Shamanic Vision will help in branding, promoting, marketing, content, etc. However, you should be willing, ready and able to learn to promote and market your ownself and work as well.

(4) The fees will be decided and received by Shamanic Vision.

(5) There will be profit sharing involved. Teachers Share :- 75% of the fees. Shamanic Vision share :- 25%.

(6) Teacher’s fees will be paid within 30 days of the workshop.

(7) You will be required to execute a legal agreement between you(teacher ) and Shamanic Vision.

(8) You will not be allowed to copy the content or change the content to suit your own self and make it a part of your own teachings. You will be bound by contract to honor the teachings and not abuse / misuse them.

(9) The schedule for teaching Empowered Woman workshops will be shared by you in the beginning of the year. Your events and dates will be listed on Shamanic Vision website and promotions. You will do your own promotion as well.

Please complete the following for consideration only if you AGREE to the above conditions:

Thank you for your interest. Neelam will respond at the earliest.