The wounds of the masculine effect us all, regardless of our gender

When the little girl was always looking for love- what happened then? Read on…

I grew up in a family with a father figure who was passive and emotionally absent. I always saw n experienced my mom and dad fighting. I always saw my father raising his hand on my mom. I saw him influenced by the poisonous talks of my grandmother and taking it out on my mother. I saw a father who did not feel or show any emotions. I saw a father who showed little concern with my well being.

So, what did I not do to seek his love, protective embrace, his attention?

As a six-year-old, I would hand him my school books and ask him to ask any question from my study book, and before he could ask, I would recite both the question and the answer. I always stood first in the class and always longed for his appreciation, presence, and concern for my well-being.

I would see fellow students complaining about their parents poking them for studying, while my father was the least interested. I would often say to these students, “How lucky you are for your father to be interested in your well being.” All this while I was 14 years old in 9th grade.

What happened to this teenage girl? She started feeling something was wrong with her. She started internalizing, “I am bad. No one likes me.”

She started OVER DOING & OVER GIVING to SEEK attention and love and to feel significant or to be SEEN or appreciated or noticed.

And when the little girl learned to throw tantrums as a way to seek attention. However, the only way to quieten this little girl was through fear, slapping her, and overpowering her with physical beatings.

What happened to this woman when she grew up?

Of course, she had no Male friends. Of course, all the men who came her way wanted to exploit, abuse, or manipulate her somehow. And then the good ones of the world who came it her life were emotionally absent to her.

Therefore, this warrior woman learned to fight for love, fight for attention, fight for receiving, and has fought for 40 plus years, PROVING for love and VALIDATION. This warrior became tired, a bundle of ill health with no good relationships. Needless to say, with her own masculine energy was used inadequately or used was for others or was totally suppressed.

Until the universe hit me hard regarding my failed relationships with men, I realized it was born from the wounded masculine within me, originating from my wounded father. This wounding came to him from his emotionally wounded father. Upon this insight, the pieces of this puzzle began to fall together.

Has my relationship with the masculine fully healed? Well, it’s still a work in progress.

Has my integration of the divine masculine begun? A resounding YES.

Has it allowed me to have better relationships with others and the SELF? Heck Yes!

Has it brought balance and love back into my life? Absolutely.

Have I stopped proving to seek validation? Oh my god, YES!

Have I found the courage and freedom to share my gifts with the world? Yes!

Am I beginning to OWN MY SPACE & DRAW HEALTHY BOUNDARIES? You better believe it!

Am I ready to share this experience and wisdom with the world?

You better believe I am!

Join me, Neelam Nanwani as we address and heal the Masculine Wound in all of us.

NOTE: This course may be taken on its own or as part of the Ancestral Healing program. If you wish to do both parts, please let us know as there is special pricing involved.

Course: Healing the Wounded Masculine

Dates: Sundays, August 23 and 30th, 2020

Venue: From the comfort of you home with LIVE teachings on Zoom

Timings: 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. both days. (Yes, we will have breaks and a lunch break!)

Energy Investment: 14999 INR or $200.00

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