The Call…

The history of your path is known…and the potential of your arrival here was foretold. So finding these teachings was no accident.

Like the buffalo in search of summer pastures…there was a hunger that led you…inevitably…to this time and place.

You have been seeking truth and wisdom. And now in response to your songs…truth and wisdom have found you.

There is much to learn…if you have come in a good way!

From The Path of the Feather

Do the words speak to you?

The first time I ever read those words from The Path of the Feather, tears came to my eyes.

In those words, I knew that someone had “got it.” That someone wrote from the Heart, what Shamanism meant to the them and also, what it means to both Neelam and myself.

Shamanism is very much a Calling. And a Calling is something that is Sacred, it is something that burns deep within you…it it the Light of Your Soul, the Light of your BEing that seeks its Fullest and most magnificent expression.

And until the Call is realized, a large part of you…dies.


Neelam and I have heard the clarion Call of our Souls. This is expressed in how we share these Teachings in a Good and Sacred Way. For us, Shamanism is a Way of BEing. It is a Way of Life. We walk this Path with dedication, commitment and honor to the Ways of these Teachings.

Shamanism is a profoundly rich subject, and the Call that you receive is there because Your Gifts are needed to help others, and also the World. Therefore, this is a Call of great responsibility.

So, we invite you to look within yourself and to ask if you have the Call.

We invite you to pour through our website and to become the Seeker…become the Wanderer…search through the shared teachings and newsletters and magazines and webinars…and by doing so, perhaps something will Call to you.

If so, please heed to Call.

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