2017 – 2018 One Year Medicine Wheel Program for International Students

The Shamanic Path is like no other. It is your Path, your journey. As you walk, you find others who share this road. So you gather as one, speaking the same language of Spirit. You share, travel together, help each other. This is the path of Beauty. It is the path of Wonderment and of unlimited possibilities. This is the Road of Spirit.

We call it Shamanism. Join us for the road less traveled.

If you have “The Call of Spirit” and are ready to venture further on the Path and are ready to go far deeper into Shamanic work, we now offer a dedicated, 12 month non-residential mentoring program. This program augments our Foundations of Shamanic Practices Course with 12 consecutive months of bi-monthly online live gatherings and an ongoing group study and assignments (we call them mileposts), and shared knowledge. Also, every student will have up to 1 hour of private 1 on 1 time with Paul on Zoom (phone or video chat) once a month. You will be part of a Tribe of students from around the World. The Tribe is limited to ten dedicated members.

This program contains numerous Shamanic Tests and initiations and it will certainly challenge you. You will be a very different person at the end of these 12 months.

 Spirit Mandala Based on the power of the Medicine Wheel and teachings of the Ancestors, this program is extremely deep and takes you much further onto your personal path in your Shamanic Practice.

The program is like a Circle and the Wheel of Knowledge: it is perpetual and constantly evolving!

What follows are guideposts for what awaits us…and remember, the journey between the guideposts is open to what ever and wherever Spirit may present us! We’re open to the Divine!


_______ The Path Awaits _______

This program does require that you have previous Shamanic experience. If you have previously studied with anyone other than us, please let us know. All candidates are required to complete a questionnaire and an online interview will also be part of the registration process.

If you have no prior experience and are interested, please inform Paul as he does take on private students.

Energy Investment is on a sliding scale on an honor system priced according to your location. This can be discussed with Paul.

Please fill out the following for more information and to begin the process. The next Tribe will begin in July, 2017.