You & Your Power Animals

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The alliance you form with your power animal isn’t random or accidental – you choose each other in part because the personality characteristics possessed by this animal match up well with yours or imply the characteristics or attributes you need to develop. In other words, you’re a lot like your power animal. Now you may be aware of these attributes you have in common or they might be hidden or obscured from your conscious self, remaining as shadow aspects of your personality. If these traits have been suppressed, you’ll find that they will increasingly become a part of your self-expression as you develop the relationship with your power animal.

It’s also important to take good care of this relationship, just as you would any significant friendship. Your power animal’s assignment is to watch out for you and help you in a number of ways – in exchange; she gets to experience life as a human being through you. As long as you honor her and treat her right, she’ll stick with you. There are some things you can do that will honor your power animal and in doing so will help you cultivate your relationship with her.

The bottom line is: Your animal spirit guide gives you power, while you show her gratitude and affection. It’s a fair and reasonable exchange.
Connecting with your power animals.
(1)Find out more about the power animals which have come to you.

(2)Thank them on a daily basis for coming back to you.

(3)Study their attributes – these are the attributes which you either have or need to develop.

(4)Prayer – Prayer is a simple yet effective method of connecting with a power animal and integrating with their energies.
For example: – If my power animal is ostrich, I may say a prayer: – I invoke the power animal Ostrich. I pray to Ostrich to ground me, ground me into my powers, take me to new directions with greater power and allow speedier integration.

(5)Dancing with your power animal – put on a soft instrumental music. Ask the power animal to come and merge with you. Allow your body to move through the power animal. Rattle, dance, sing and chant. This strengthens the connection.

(6)Shamanic Journey / Meditation – Connecting with your power animal via a shamanic journey is another power full method. If you are not familiar with a shamanic journey, meditate. Allow your mind and body to relax. Ask the power animal to present itself to you. Ask for a message / healing or guidance.

(7)Invoke your power animals as you would invoke any deity, angels, arch angels or guides. Ask them to help you or support you in any area of your life that you are seeking help. Ask them to come with you to your work or accompany you and help you in any stressful situation.

(8)Ask the power animal how you can honor it, how you can build a better relationship with it.

(9)Get a picture of your power animal. It can be a computer printout from an image on the internet. It doesn’t have to be expensive or be a great work of art. Pin the picture near your bed, someplace you will see it when you get up in the morning. When you get up in the morning, say out loud or in silence, “Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for walking with me today.”

(10) Your animal spirit guide can show up in its physical form; or you can contact it through meditations, journeys, or dreams and ask it for guidance, healing, or protection. Working with your power animal directly or through imagery and symbolism will put you in touch with your own instinctual nature, thereby increasing your intuitive awareness and enhancing every area of your life.

Your power animal will not only help you develop a greater sense of personal and spiritual power, but will also help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually—as well as guide you through difficult life transitions.

Call on to your power animals when you feel pain, doubt, or if you feel you are in danger. Ask for their help. Speak with the animal if you need counsel.
When the day ends, before going to bed, thank your power animals and speak to you about their guidance in your dreams.
Last but not the least; allow the guidance, healing and the medicine of your power animals to flow through.

Allow the miracles in your life to unfold.


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