Shamanic Vision Ancestral Healing Awareness exercises

Greetings Dear One!

Here are the 7 exercises we posted in the Ancestral Awareness group on whatsapp.


We honor you for the steps you are about to take, for our connection with our Ancestors is of great importance. Why? Because we are their offspring. They are responsible for bringing you into this Life. And also because you have joined us…for a reason.

Perhaps that reason you are here is to honor your Ancestors….

Perhaps this is the first step in healing Ancestral Issues that trouble you and most likely, your family lineage, and have done so for numerous generations.

Perhaps you were guided to connect with your Ancestors because they have important things to tell you….

And so, you are about to embark on a profoundly rich journey as you begin your personal Connection with your Ancestors.


The focus of this group over these next 7 days goes far beyond honoring them.

For here, you will have the chance to develop strong, personal relationships with them. Your relationships with them can be very different from the others in this group.

Therefore, please recognize that this is not a competition. Instead, this is a Safe and a Sacred Space where you can begin your personal connection with your Ancestors.


So, who exactly are your Ancestors?

In our workshops in India, we are often asked if the Ancestors of a spouse are now your Ancestors.

The answer is “No.”

Your Ancestors begin with your parents and goes back in time. You have your own set and your spouse has another.

Therefore, you will seek relationships only with your Ancestors.


There are a couple of other common questions:

Q: What if I am adopted or I never knew my parents or Grand Parents or Great Great Grandparents?

A: It doesn’t matter. Simply name them by their relationship to you. You will meet them soon enough. For example, my father’s father’s father (my Great Grandfather) I would call Great Great Grandfather Hinsberger.

Q: How safe is this?

A: We are only connecting with the Good Ancestors. Your Ancestors want to help you and they are deeply honored by what you are about to do. This is sacred work…hold this intention (we’ll remind you!) as you work over the next 7 days and beyond.


So, our first project is to identify who these Ancestors are…

I have put on our website a very narrowly defined family tree. This is intentional. Try to fill this in, and for now, focus on these particular Ancestors.

Stay away from siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and deceased pets. Stay focused on the ones asked for in this particular Family Tree.

If you know of anyone in your Ancestral Lineage that does not fit into the worksheet, put them on the sidelines. For example, you may have had a very close relationship with a departed sibling or cousin, an Aunt or Uncle or a Great Aunt…they are not part of the family tree that we’re filling in here. Therefore, just put them off to the side for now. There is space to add them beneath the “Tree”.


Assignment #1: The Family Tree

The simple family tree is available in both MS Word and in .pdf format on a special page of our website here:


Simply download and complete. This is for your reference as you begin your connection(s).

Feel free to share or ask questions. These you will post on the Q & A – Ancestral Healing.

With Blessings,



Day 2

Today, you will do a Meet and Greet based on your Paternal and Maternal Ancestors that you wrote down yesterday. Start with them first as it will help you later.

Before you get started, you will need to do what is called HA Breath from Huna—the spiritual practices of Ancient Hawaii.

How it is done

HA Breathing is very simple.

Close your eyes….

Breath in through your nose, directing your breath to your 3rd Eye Chakra. Do this to a count of four. Take your time…


Immediately exhale to a count of eight. As you exhale, direct it to your Solar Plexus. Exhale with your mouth open while making a HAAAAA sound.


Repeat three times

That’s it!

Do this whenever you feel: tired, run down, out of sorts, angry, sad, depressed, anxious, nervous, un-grounded, dense or not empowered.

So, after your HA Breath…

Guided Meditation:

Here is a link on for a guided meditation to connect with the ancestors you will do all your work with. The recording is not downloadable, so you will need to listen to it directly from the website.

If you should happen to get a message that a box account is needed, just open up a FREE account. They will try to sell you one. It is not needed!

Here is the script to the meditation if you would prefer to follow it as instructions…

*****************************   Script *****************************

Settle into a quiet place and close your eyes…

Envision that you are in a quiet little theatre…you are sitting about 20 feet from center stage…you have the place to yourself…no one else is in the theater…it is only you.

(You will be in this theater a few times over the next 6 days, so do spend some time in this space before moving on with the exercise).

The house lights dim and the stage lights come up…and your 14 immediate Ancestors come out..your Father and Mother…then their parents…your Father’s parents behind him…your Mother’s parents behind her…just like in the work chart…then behind them, your parent’s grandparents…just like in the work chart.

No one else is there…it is only these Ancestors are allowed on stage. Anyone else…kick them off the stage!

Just like the layout in yesterdays worksheet, your Ancestors will self-arrange themselves: Your Paternal side are on your left and your Maternal Side goes on your right. If they fail to do this, take control and tell them where they need to sit! You are the director of this stage production. You’ve got the Power!

Once they are in their proper places, one by one, make eye contact with them.

When you do this, acknowledge them. Give them a little nod, a little smile, a wave. Do not rush the stage! Instead, you stay in your seat. They will stay on the stage.

Approach this experience with Love and an Open Heart.

Express your gratitude…if it was not for them, you and your children wouldn’t be here! You may speak telepathically…you may speak out loud. You may sit in Love filled silence.

Allow any emotions to just pass through you. There is no need to cling to either your Ancestors…or your emotions. Simply BE.

Keep it more than 15 minutes.

When you are done, let them know you will be calling them back soon and tell them they may return home.

Close the curtains, turn off the stage lights while you bring up the house lights.

Absorb what happened and then end you session.

Do this only once today.



Write down in your journal your experiences. Note any particular interaction or reactions that you may have had with any of the Ancestor.



Day 3

Do your HA Breath….

Intention drives everything in this work. You will need to recite your intention 3 times as you prepare for this experience. Say your Intention with Power and Authority. Mean the words, Own your Words!

Therefore, state the following Intention 3 times: “I am speaking to ONLY ONE of my 14 Ancestors today.”

Go back into the little theater (Your are welcome to name your Theater something…give it a name that has some meaning to you, and your Ancestors!)

Anyway, go back to your little theater and invite yesterdays 14 Ancestors to come on the stage.

Today, you will start your conversations with JUST ONE of them.

Tell all 14 of them you wish to honor them.

Tell them you want to get to know them better. Tell them; “I will eventually talk with all of you. However, today I am to talk with only one of you.”

Ask them, who would like to step forward first…

Do not force anything. One will come forth…know it will BE the right one!

The ideal opening line is this: “I see you. Welcome. Please, tell me about yourself…”

Allow the Ancestor to speak. Focus all your attention on this particular Ancestor.

Listen. Feel their words.

Ask questions. Clarify what they say. Build rapport. Allow yourself to experience!

Stay no more than 15 minutes (a quiet, instrumental piece of music that runs around 20 minutes is ideal for this. Use the first part of the music to “warm up” in the room and to recite your intention three times.)

You may share if desired.



Day 4

When we are doing personal change work, it is often discovered that some issues are deeply rooted in our family history. These matters became entrenched until they are established family patterns. We often fail to recognize these family patterns because everyone around us lives their lives within that pattern. For example, if everyone in your family eats dog food, you think it is normal to eat dog food until someone shows you differently.

Do 3 HA Breaths…

Take a moment and step outside yourself and view your family through the eyes of another…not a friend (we are usually drawn to those who are similar to us) and not an authoritative figure (they have their own set of rules and you may want to please them too much.)

Instead, through the eyes of a stranger…and look at your immediate family (parents/siblings/children and the others you may live with). Put them up on a stage (including you) and have them sit around the dinner table.


The house lights dim, the curtain is drawn and the stage lights go up….


Now watch for a bit…

What would the stranger gleem or notice from the gathering?

Do they talk?
What do they talk about?
What is the tone of their conversation?
Is their conversation serious or light?
Is it limited and forced or is it loose and casual?
Is it too formal?
Do they laugh?
Do they share?
Are there obvious protocols in place?
Who eats first?
Is the food self serve or is it served up?
Who serves the food? How is this person treated?
Does Mom eat with the family?
Is everyone present? Is anyone hiding?
Who is most dominating? Who is most reticent?

Close the curtain.



Take 3 new HA Breaths…

It’s now the next night.

Again, the curtain pulls back, the lights go on and… and again, time for dinner. However this time, you have invited ONLY your 14 Ancestors and you too are at the table.

The stranger in you sits back and watches…carefully.

Is it the same show? Same behavior as before? Is it different? If yes, how is it different?

Look for the big things….

Look for the small things….

Are the roles switched? Who now dominates? Who is in a minor, supporting role? Is someone “acting” or is the acting invisible? Anyone triggered? Anyone looking stressed or bothered? Anyone avoiding someone?

How is your performance in this play?

This is a very subtle exercise in observation about your family dynamic and the effect of your immediate Ancestors. Anything peculiar pop up at you?

Remember that Ancestral Healing is not about you, it is about you and your family of Ancestors. You are the one chosen to resolve deep seated issues that impact not only you, but also those who came well before you and for those who have not yet been born.

Feel free to write out your scenarios…they hold many golden insights!


Day 5

Why should we consult with our family ancestors?

Because our families, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins and other relatives love us and wish us well.

Every generation wants subsequent generations to be happy, successful and fulfilled.

However, there are some definite physical, mental, emotional or spiritual attitudes, values, beliefs or leanings that we discover later in life, which may result in undesirable traits in our present life.


Poverty consciousness


Anger management


Religious intolerance


Self-destructive tendencies

Negative self-images

Work related issues

Responsibility issues

Destructive attitudes, and negative world views, are just a few of the many issues that can arise from early upbringing and family traits.

Sometimes we attempt to break away from the grasp of our families in our teens and twenties only to fall back into the family trap of guilt, shame and abuse later in our life.

Many times these tendencies are unconscious; we are not aware of these tendencies unless we continue to repeat them, and when the pain becomes intolerable and we can no longer refuse to face them…

Suddenly, we recognize the pattern and realize: “Hey, I’m doing the same thing Mom always did to Dad.” Or, “That’s why Dad always worked late: so he didn’t have to face decisions about the finances at home!”

Recognition that our patterns relate to family issues is the first step in healing dysfunctional behavior(s) in our own lives.

There is a difference between what we receive from our grandparents and that which we get from our parents. Grandparents pass their wisdom to their grandchildren, while parents tend to pass their children their fears.

Exercise: Identify and write down your family strengths. Identify and write down your family weaknesses.


Day 6


Connecting with the gifts and talents that you inherited and recognizing the sacrifices your ancestors made provides a healing environment for releasing the past through forgiveness and love.

Some of you have expressed how you felt anger, fear, sadness…others felt Love and Blessings.

In Ancestral work, there is no blame. No finger pointing. There is only Love and Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

Your Ancestors need your help so they too may move on. This is very powerful work indeed!

Neelam and I are huge proponents of the Ancient Ways of the Polynesian Islands and of Huna, found in Hawaii. From this lineage we find the forgiveness ritual of Ho’oponopono.

About Ho’oponopono
Ho’oponopono means to make right. Essentially, it means to make it right with the ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you have relationships, including yourself.

It is important to realize that when we forgive others, who are we forgiving? Ourselves, of course.

Ho’oponopono is a process of letting go of toxic energies within you, allowing the grace of Divine thoughts,words, deeds, and actions to flow within you.

Ho’oponopono requires that you take Total Responsibility for Your Life. This means that everything in your life—simply because it is in your life—is your responsibility. In a literal sense, the entire world is your creation. If you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life. Absorb this thought!

Understand that to LOVE yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself.

So you need to ask, “What is in me that has brought this to my doorstep?”

To do Ho’oponopono, you do not have to know what the problem or error is. All you have to do is notice there is a problem you are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Once you notice and accept it, your responsibility is to immediately begin to clean the energy that surrounds and brought it and say:

‘I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I Love you.

(After 2 rounds, say to yourself: “What is it in me that brought this to my doorstep?” Doing so, memories will come up. Follow those memories! Repeat the mantra for at least 5 minutes.

What blocks our well-being is nothing more than lack of Love. Forgiveness opens the door to allow Love back in.

Doing this process doesn’t always mean instant results. The idea isn’t to achieve results, but to achieve peace. When you find peace, what was desired often follows.

Ho’oponopono is a process of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutations; it is a petition to Love, asking Love to nullify and replace those toxic energies with Love. Love accomplishes this by flowing through the mind, beginning with the spiritual mind—the super-conscious. It then continues its flow through the intellectual mind—the conscious mind—freeing it of thinking energies. Finally, it moves into the emotional mind—the subconscious—voiding thoughts of toxic emotions and filling them with Love.

This is a continuous process, one that you will find yourself clearing and cleansing often as your day unfolds. It takes minutes and it takes awareness. However, these are the most important words to recite:

“I’m Sorry
Please Forgive Me
I Love You
Thank You”

Ho’opoopono is very much a way of Life. It brings peace, grounding and balance into your Life.


Day 7

Difference between working with and clinging to…

In Shamanism, and in particular when working with the Ancestors, we work from a place of Love. It is important to realize that our Ancestors are continuing to evolve on their end. In this work, our Ancestors are venerated—they are treated with respect and are honored for their gifts and contributions to our lineage or family line.

They are not worshiped. This is reserved for deities.

We do not cling to the departed. If you have lost a loved one, in this work you may have a chance to have them guide you and you in turn, will help them. Know that you must allow them to move on just as they are helping you move on. There is no need to cling.

This is an equal partnership….a relationship that is built upon, and centered on, reciprocity.

Long term Assignment:

Create an Ancestral Altar: a place of Power, a place of Peace

This is your place of outward celebration in your Ancestors honor. You can use:


Sacred sounds…silence…incense

Plants, flowers, leaves…branches…stones



Anything that has meaning and significance to you.

Create a special place for this in your home or garden. It is a place of Power and Peace. Visit it often. Ask questions at this altar. Be open and curious…here, you can connect daily for Ancestral Wisdom.

This will become a special place. When you see it, walk by it, think of it, it will bring to you the energy of your most wise and loving Ancestors.

Do not make it a place that only collects dust. Use it 🙂

Here is a photo of mine….


Day 8

NOTE FOR ALL: Many of you have asked us; “What does this mean?”

“What does a Tiger or Golden Light represent?”

“What does it mean when my Ancestor is smiling at me and doesn’t say anything?”

Please know that the language of your Ancestors is the language of metaphor. This is not a direct language. Instead it is a very subtle language.

For example, an Ancestor stands holding a red ball in his hand. It appears very straight forward.

But what is the message of the ball? Is it stationary? Is it bounced from hand to hand or off the floor or a wall. Is he juggling it? This is where the subtle parts come in.

So, if you ask us to tell you what something means…we will not do it.


Because, it is your metaphor! Your Ancestors have given you a gift; a gift of their answer. And it is for you to find out what that is.

In our workshops, we will “pass around” a metaphor, a word that comes up. Say for example, the “Smiling Ancestor.”

In a class with 20 students, we will most likely get 15 different responses to the metaphor of the “Smiling Ancestor.” Therefore, for someone to “tell you” what something means, takes away your Power. And it may—very easily—divert you from the message intended by your Ancestor.

Therefore, trust your inner voice, your gut.

However, this does not mean to be fluffy!

This means you have to dig in. Ask questions. Become Empowered in your Courage to ask the hard questions.

A smiling Ancestor may imply the following:

Happy to see you

“Thank God you finally showed, up, we’ve been waiting for you for years!”

“I’m sorry, who are you? My smile…it’s for social conditioning. May I offer you a drink?”

“I smile because our family is not allowed to show our sorrow.”

(Now you create your own metaphor)

So basically, look beyond the surface. Ask, ask and ask! And don’t ask us…oh no, not us. Instead, ask the Tiger. Ask the Light. Ask the Smiling Ancestor.

Day 8

You have spent the past 7 days connecting with your 14 Ancestors. Neelam and I honor you for this. Use these teachings in a manner that brings you Peace and Comfort and Understanding and a Loving Connection with your Ancestors.

However, there is so much more!

For some of you, this work may have inspired something within you…a Call of Duty. You can see far beyond the surface of this and you know, feel, see how powerful this work is and how it can benefit your Ancestors, your Family, Your Progeny and lastly, yourself.

You see, Ancestral Healing is not about you; it is about healing 7 generations back…and 7 generations forward. This is indeed, very profound work that can change your family and free them from deliberating patterns.

Neelam and I are honored as teachers to share these teachings with you.

If this work calls out to you, then we encourage you to follow through. Check with your Ancestors. You have the tools to do so!

We offer a very in-depth program on Ancestral Healing and other courses. These are found here.

With Blessings along the Path,

Paul & Neelam