Basic Protocol for an Impeccable Shamanic Journey

Basic Protocol for an Impeccable Shamanic Journey

First, you need to be in your Power. Do not journey if you are stressed, not at 100% of your best self. Do not journey if you are concerned with anything in the outside world (doorbells, noisy environment, fear of distraction). Also, make sure that you are 100% a Hollow Bone. Hold NO preconceptions or attachments to any outcome.

Next, do your work in Sacred Space. Bless and sanctify the space in whatever way is suitable for you. In addition, cut all Aka Cords to the outside world. Then shield yourself (mandatory if you are going into the Middle World.)

Before you step into your Axis Mundi, state your Intention, three times.

Now, enter your Axis Mundi. Spend some time there. Get settled. Call forth All of YOUR Guides and YOUR Power Animals. This is the Committee of your Guides. Greet each one. Spend a few seconds with them. This will strengthen your relationship with them.

Once everyone is settled, then you will, once again, state your Intention. Ask, “Who will join me?”

Here is the best way to get things started…

1: Request to meet the Soul of the Client. I would recommend you do this in the Upper World.

2: Request that the client’s Guide(s) and Power Animal(s) also meet with you.

3: Begin your conversation. Build rapport. Find out about what is happening or ask the critical question that is behind the Intention of this particular journey.

4: Never forget the million-dollar question: “Tell me about yourself…”

5: If it is appropriate, meet with the Spirit of the Presenting Issue. For example, say the client has a chronic health issue. You would meet there, in the Upper World, in a quiet space, the Spirit of the chronic Health Issue.

Ask the Million Dollar Question to the Health Issue.

Ask: “Why are you here in (X’s) life?”

Ask: “What message do you have for (X)?”

Ask: “What does (X) need to do to resolve this, or for you to go away?”

If this is a healing journey, you will then journey into the client’s body. If unsure what to do, ask your Guides, Power Animals, and the Healing Staff to do this. You may be asked to rattle or to simply BE present and to hold space, or to provide assistance in some manner.

If this is NOT a Healing Journey, then skip visiting the innards of your client. Instead, as the client’s Soul to take you or to show you or to present to you what you need to know regarding the issue.

Here is what you ARE NOT TO DO:

DO NOT invite your client’s Guides or Power Animals to your Axis Mundi.

DO NOT journey alone and meet your Guides or Power Animals in any of the Realms. Your Guides and Power Animals NEED TO BE MET at your Axis Mundi BEFORE you begin your journey.

Journeys you do for others is about YOUR CLIENT, NOT YOU. Your client does not care if you found a new Power Animal or if you danced on a volcano or that you rode your unicorn into the stars. KEEP FOCUSED on one thing only: YOUR CLIENT.

Also, NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. If you see a spotted zebra, do not assume or guess that it is your client’s Power Animal. ASK the Animal. And then report what it is, if it is applicable in the case.

Remember that if you are doing a journey for someone untrained in Shamanism, they will have NO IDEA what you are telling them. Therefore, if you are doing a journey for a fellow student, treat them like they are outside of these teachings. This will further hone your skills.