About Unihilipili

Here are a few of the fundamental aspects of Unihilipili. Get to know it!

Basics—The Low Self (Unihilipili)
1. All Huna Work begins with the Low Self (Unihilipili)
2. The Low Self is centered in the area of the Solar Plexus
3. Preserves all memories in its body.
4. Uhilipili controls reactions as they are stored in memory.
5. It mirrors back everything we feel and in particular, all that we have ever held back.
6. Unihipili looks at you as it Lord and Master, its Parent and its Teacher.
7. Unihipili is greatly dependable.
8. Unihilipili LOVES Goals and Intentions and Rituals!
9. Unihipili is a creature of habit. Understand that rituals, habits and skills are learned and performed by your inner self. This will be of tremendous help in retraining and in developing new habits, new rituals, new skills. Unihipili develops ritual.
10. Unihipili can manipulate AKA (Form of Energy). Thoughts and energies are then carried back on webs called AKA Cords.
11. Unihilipili does not reason or use logic nor does it make choices.
12. It is very literal and experiences everything as it occurs.
13. It never sleeps and always lives in the “now”.
14. Unihipili is in charge of all aspects of the body and bodily functions. It also controls all physical dysfunctions.
15. Unihipili is normally silent. It can sneeze, cough, moan and cry. It communicates its needs through urges and sensations.
16. Unihipili contains all unexpressed thoughts and feelings that are repressed/suppressed by Uhane. This fills the mind of Unihipili, seeking fulfillment of that which has been denied to them.

How to connect:
Do 3 HA Breaths.
Close your eyes.
Place your hands on your belly and silently say; “My Dear Unihilipili, I am learning about you. Please come…please present yourself in a bodily sensation. Let me feel you my Dear One!”
Then, BE Open and Curious!
Acknowledge your Unihilipili. Speak to it DAILY! I am in contact with mine through out the day.
Become the parent that you never had!