WA-AA-Day 8

Day 8

NOTE FOR ALL: Many of you have asked us; “What does this mean?”

“What does a Tiger or Golden Light represent?”

“What does it mean when my Ancestor is smiling at me and doesn’t say anything?”

Please know that the language of your Ancestors is the language of metaphor. This is not a direct language. Instead it is a very subtle language.

For example, an Ancestor stands holding a red ball in his hand. It appears very straight forward.

But what is the message of the ball? Is it stationary? Is it bounced from hand to hand or off the floor or a wall. Is he juggling it? This is where the subtle parts come in.

So, if you ask us to tell you what something means…we will not do it.


Because, it is your metaphor! Your Ancestors have given you a gift; a gift of their answer. And it is for you to find out what that is.

In our workshops, we will “pass around” a metaphor, a word that comes up. Say for example, the “Smiling Ancestor.”

In a class with 20 students, we will most likely get 15 different responses to the metaphor of the “Smiling Ancestor.” Therefore, for someone to “tell you” what something means, takes away your Power. And it may—very easily—divert you from the message intended by your Ancestor.

Therefore, trust your inner voice, your gut.

However, this does not mean to be fluffy!

This means you have to dig in. Ask questions. Become Empowered in your Courage to ask the hard questions.

A smiling Ancestor may imply the following:

  1. Happy to see you
  2. “Thank God you finally showed, up, we’ve been waiting for you for years!”
  3. “I’m sorry, who are you? My smile…it’s for social conditioning. May I offer you a drink?”
  4. “I smile because our family is not allowed to show our sorrow.”
  5. (Now you create your own metaphor)

So basically, look beyond the surface. Ask, ask and ask! And don’t ask us…oh no, not us. Instead, ask the Tiger. Ask the Light. Ask the Smiling Ancestor.


You have spent the past 7 days connecting with your 14 Ancestors. Neelam and I honor you for this. Use these teachings in a manner that brings you Peace and Comfort and Understanding and a Loving Connection with your Ancestors.

However, there is so much more!

For some of you, this work may have inspired something within you…a Call of Duty. You can see far beyond the surface of this and you know, feel, see how powerful this work is and how it can benefit your Ancestors, your Family, Your Progeny and lastly, yourself.

You see, Ancestral Healing is not about you; it is about healing 7 generations back…and 7 generations forward. This is indeed, very profound work that can change your family and free them from deliberating patterns.

Neelam and I are honored as teachers to share these teachings with you. Over the past few years, we have had inquiries to share these teachings with students around the world. However, the costs associated with travel—in some cases into distant, foreign lands—has made it impractical to do so.

Until now.

Neelam and I are offering our 2 day, Ancestral Healing workshop as a LIVE, ONLINE WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE. What this means is:

  • We will Teach LIVE via ONLINE VIDEO CONFERENCING. There will live interaction and Q&A, just as if we are in a physical teaching circle.
  • This course IS NOT conducted on whatsapp. Instead, we will gather LIVE on Zoom in our private Zoom room from our home in Ahmedabad, India.
  • We will gather in four 3 hour segments over the course of two weekends starting September 22 & 23 and September 29 & 30th, 3-6 p.m. IST.
  • All Sessions will be recorded as we teach and will be available for you to listen to at your leisure if you are unable to attend.
  • There will also be a Private online forum dedicated to the class. Here teachings will be reinforced and your questions may be asked and answered. Notes will also be provided via the forums. This will become a very strong resource of shared experience and wisdom.
  • You will receive recordings of the guided meditations that are used in the physical classes so you can do these at your leisure.
  • There is a 50+ page student notebook
  • Our continued support both during and after the course.
  • Very Special Pricing for those of you who remained with us for these 8 Days!

Details are found in our website: https://shamanic-vision.net/live-ancestral-healing-online-program-2a/

There, you will find details on the course.

If this work calls out to you, then we encourage you to follow through. Check with your Ancestors. You have the tools to do so!

Note: The discount is valid for a short period. And in honor of these traditions, we limit the class sized to 20 students from around the world.

Once again, we thank you for your hard work over the past 7 days.

We’ll keep this group open for another 7 days so you can ask questions. We will be teaching in Mumbai this weekend for our 3 Days of Shamanic Bliss workshop, so our response rate may be limited from Friday to Sunday.

With Blessings along the Path,

Paul & Neelam