WA-AA-Day 7

Day 7
Difference between working with and clinging to…
In Shamanism, and in particular when working with the Ancestors, we work from a place of Love. It is important to realize that our Ancestors are continuing to evolve on their end. In this work, our Ancestors are venerated—they are treated with respect and are honored for their gifts and contributions to our lineage or family line.

They are not worshiped. This is reserved for deities.

We do not cling to the departed. If you have lost a loved one, in this work you may have a chance to have them guide you and you in turn, will help them. Know that you must allow them to move on just as they are helping you move on. There is no need to cling.

This is an equal partnership….a relationship that is built upon, and centered on, reciprocity.

Long term Assignment:
Create an Ancestral Altar: a place of Power, a place of Peace
This is your place of outward celebration in your Ancestors honor. You can use:
Sacred sounds…silence…incense
Plants, flowers, leaves…branches…stones
Anything that has meaning and significance to you.

Create a special place for this in your home or garden. It is a place of Power and Peace. Visit it often. Ask questions at this altar. Be open and curious…here, you can connect daily for Ancestral Wisdom.

This will become a special place. When you see it, walk by it, think of it, it will bring to you the energy of your most wise and loving Ancestors.

Do not make it a place that only collects dust. Use it 🙂

Here is a photo of mine….