Our Workshops

We have a number of workshops that we conduct…here are a few of them. Each link will open a new page.

Foundation of Shamanic Practice: Your partnership with Spirit

Advanced Shamanic Workshop: Healing the Shamanic Soul and Heart

3 Days of Shamanic Bliss

Becoming the Phoenix–Evolution of the Soul and Living without Regret

Our 1 Year Shamanic Mentorship Program

Dreams–Your Gateway to Healing

Ancestral Healing

Huna Stone Reading



Coming Soon:


From our students:

Beautiful people.. Thank you for your work. You help countless people, care for and educate us to be active partners in Creation. You acknowledge our responsibility to this amazing thing called life and spend everyday living your truth. This world is truly blessed that you have answered your calling and acknowledged the challenges facing your path and you both do it with love. Many blessings my friends abd thank you so much for the sacrifices you make out of love…. Xoxo”

24 thoughts on “Our Workshops

  1. When will you have your next

    Foundation of Shamanic Practices Workshop: Your Partnership with Spirit

    in or near Wilmington, North Carolina and what is the cost?


    Thank you! Ray


  2. Where n when in mumbai? Details please. How does this workshop help an individual? Is a person healed t emotionalevel?


    1. Good morning Poonam,
      We will be in Mumbai June 19-21st for our Becoming the Phoenix workshop.

      We will return again on July 18-19th for our Foundations of Shamanic Practices course.

      These workshops offer tremendous tools for the individual. In addition, what is taught can also be applied to help others. You will walk away with what you need from the experiences. The call to step onto the Shamanic Path is a call from Spirit. You have a unique gift that Spirit want you to use so you can help Spirit. These courses help you find that and they are indeed, very powerful. We have seen many students have profound experiences in resolving emotional issues in our classes. We are also there afterwards, supporting our students as they grow and heal.

      Feel free to write me directly with more questions.

      With Peace,



    1. Welcome to Shamanic Vision, Kasthuri.

      We do not have Chennai on our schedule at present. We will be in Mumbai however Sept. 4 through 6th for our three day Shamanic program. Here, we will have our 2 day Foundations course offered as a 12-14 hour intensive (same material, just shorter sharing time) followed by our two day Advanced Course offering. These can be found here:
      Foundations Course: https://shamanic-vision.net/2015/05/26/shamanism/
      Advanced Course: https://shamanic-vision.net/2015/05/26/advanced-workshop-healing-the-shamans-soul-and-heart/

      Feel free to write us for more information at: shamanic-vision@live.com

      With Blessings,



  3. I would like to know if you are conducting shamanic healing in chennai or bangalore? I would like to attend it.


    1. Thank you for writing Bumeeka. We’ve been out of country, hence the delay in getting back to you.

      We plan on going to Bangalore in October, 2016. More news to follow! Do watch our calendar page (In progress right now). Also, if you subscribe to our monthly newsletter (No charge and your name is never sold) you will see our schedule plus gather great insights ever month 🙂




      1. I read about the program thats happening at Mumbai, I would like to attend it. Kindly let me know the fee for it.


      2. Greetings Bumija!

        Assuming you are talking about the upcoming 3 Days of Shamanic Bliss in Mumbai, September 23 – 25th. The Energy Investment varies depending if you are taking Day 1 only or the 3 Days together. Amounts are different if you are a repeat student (we always allow our students to repeat a course at our cost). I will write you a private email with the fees and a registration packet.

        With Blessings,



  4. Thank you . I would like to attend the workshop on Shamanism . Kindly let me know. I would be grateful if you conduct it at the earliest.


    1. If you are in Mumbai, hurry today (Sat., July 16) to Hotel Suba International. We start our Foundations Course at 9:00 a.m. today. Energy Exchange is 14000 INR.


      1. A-ho! Thank you for writing.

        Indeed, we will be in New Dehli with our Foundation of Shamanic Practices on September 3rd & 4th, 2016. Neelam will send you a registration packet.

        We will also return to New Delhi on July 29-31st, 2016 for our Becoming the Phoenix, Living your Life without Regret. If you want, come on by and meet us. We will be at Aumtara, The Spiritual Hub in South Extension 1. Timings are 9-6 both days.




    1. Thank you for writing Rihana!

      We have made a modification in our schedule so we can come to your beautiful city! We will be in Bangalore on November 19 – 20, 2016. We will conduct our Foundation of Shamanic Practices workshop there. We will be in a private bungalow (sorry I don’t recall the specific area’s name right now). Stay tuned! (I’ll add you to our newsletter and then you will know in advance).




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