Sharing Circle Blog Radio Episodes

Neelam and I have a radio program that we run on 20+ min show on a weekly basis. Come join us at: The Sharing Circle at Blogtalk Radio.

Our shows are much like us: open, free flowing and completely ad-lib. Come join us!


April 3, 2013– Episode 1: Join Neelam Nanwani and Paul Hinsberger as they discuss Shamanic Tarot, The Calm Mind Method, its origins and how it brings a balanced approach to Life. (We had some technical issues on our first broadcast–here is the broadcast in its entirety.

April 10, 2013–Episode 2:  Join Paul and Neelam as they share a free form conversation that covers Sharing, Awareness, Synchronicity and Bats!

April 17, 2013–Episode 3: Join Paul and Neelam as they have a free-flowing conversation regarding transformation. Paul and Neelam talk about The Journey of the Self and Spirit and how this modality has given insight to changes.

Completely ad-lib, this conversation leads us into a multitude of topics.

Come sit in the Sharing Circle and experience the power of personal change and heightened awareness.

April 26, 2013–Episode 4:  Join Paul and Neelam as they discuss the changes brought about by the Lunar Eclipse plus, releasing a Soul Contract and the Power of Merlin!

May 3, 2013–Episode 5: Come join us for another spontaneous half hour that covers Passion: Passion for Life, Passion for BEing, Passion for Occupation, Creativity, Education and one of Pauls Food for Thoughts, created right then and there (with Passion!)

May 12,2013–Episode 6: Join Paul and Neelam as they talk about Mothers, Mother Earth, Evolution and attempt to walk in beauty….

May 24, 2013–Episode 7: Join Paul and Neelam as they talk about Shamanic Practice; Paul makes a big announcement.

May 31, 2013–Episode 8: Join Paul and Neelam as they talk about Shamanism, dreams and Paul recites the Navajo Prayer: Walking in Beauty.

June 7, 2013-Episode 9: Join Paul and Neelam as they share a free flowing conversation that covers Paul’s connection to a sycamore tree and a hummingbird, Power Animals and the removal of fear.

June 18, 2013-Episode 10: Join Paul and Neelam as they talk about Inner Child Healing and in particular, The Protector.

June  27, 2013-Episode 11, Part 1: Join Neelam and Paul as they discuss Twin Flame relationships and answer questions from their International friends from Facebook. real Life Twin Flames, they are very familiar with the power, dynamics, importance and sacredness of their relationship. This is a free flowing, Love filled journey as Paul and Neelam talk candidly about BEing in a Twin Flame relationship.

June 30, 2013-Episode 11, Part 2: Join Paul and Neelam as they continue their conversation on Twin Flame relationships. In this segment, we speak of challenges, lessons in healing, evolution and the dynamics of the Twin Flame relationship. We also share some Twin Flame Dolphin energy while we answer more of the questions we’ve received on FB.

July 7, 2013-Episode 11, Part 3:   Apparently, there is an issue in this episode being played in some PCs, so here it is again, re-released and the song at the end removed (in case this was the issue). If this one is acting up, please let us know 🙂 Write us at

Join Twin Flames Paul and Neelam in this, the third and final installment of their Twin Flame series. Recorded in a single 1.5 hour free form discussion, Paul and Neelam talk further about personal growth, the Magic of the Twin Flame relationship and play with some dolphin energy. Come sit in the Sharing Circle with us! Grab some tea and biscuits and join us.

July 12, 2013: Episode 11, Part 4:

Join Paul and Neelam as they share their experiences following Shamanic Journeys they undertook, connecting to the Spirit of Twin Flame Relationship for the World. This insightful episode conveys messages from Ascendent Masters and Lower World Spirits and is applicable to the World as a whole. You will never look at a coconut the same way again after hearing this show!

July 26, 2013–Episode 12–Fear

Join Paul and Neelam as they talk about something everyone experiences: Fear. This past week we’ve come across many people who have expressed a variety of fears or, in the case of Paul, were “sold” by Fear. How did he react? Did he “Buy” or did he approach it in another manner? Find out here, at this Episode of the Sharing Circle.

August 3, 2013–Episode 13, Part 1: Shamanism

Join Paul and Neelam as they speak on Shamanism and respond to questions written by their listeners. “We’ve had the most intelligent and different questions on Shamanism come from our listeners–they should proud!”  Come join us for insights on Shamanism!

August 10, 2013–Episode 13, Part 2: Shamanism

Join Paul and Neelam as they continue their talk of Shamanism and answer questions from listeners. In this episode, they speak of awareness, connection, Angel Therapy, Black Magic and Journeys.  Come and sit with us in the Sharing Circle….

August 16, 2013–Episode 13 Part 3: ShamanismJoin Paul and Neelam as they answer more listeners questions. In this episode: Power Animals and the use of the Drum in Shamanism. Wait till the end to hear some of the “Eagles Heartbeat” or the pace of Shamanic Drumming….





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