FREE Zoom Talk: Wounded Masculine

From Neelam:

The Masculine
I feel that masculine energy is rising, seeking balance. As it does so, it leaves behind the old paradigms, opening to an awareness and understanding of its influence on feminine wounds.

I see men firmly established in their masculinity, which will allow them to discover softness as part of their honest expression.

I’m observing men are opening up to their vulnerability.  I see men emerging with the grounded approach of the wise warrior. I see men inviting and developing the gifts of intuition and compassion and their feminine to rise forth.

Throughout history, men have been required to show up, regardless of their emotional needs.

At the same time, we expect them to connect with their feelings, to listen, and care. We have begun to demand to see their softness. We have asked that they understand women…women who were never taught how to understand themselves.

Many men love and hold space for the wounded woman. Yet, most of the time, no one holds space for them.

I feel that it is time we acknowledge the wounded men. Because the unbalance of our society has hurt them as much as it pained women.


Join us: Neelam Ramchand Nanwani, Sahil Raina & Samir Mishra on a FREE Zoom call. We will explore and talk, share, and discuss issues around men, and issues around the wounded masculine and focus on why it is essential to consider the masculine as much as the feminine in these changing times.

FREE ZOOM TALK on July 20th, 8 p.m. IST/ 8:30 a.m Mountain

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