A Six Months Mentorship Program with Neelam Nanvani – Beginning June 2023

“Women grow afraid at this moment because it means giving up a world where everything is neat and safe. In that world, we feel secure, taken care of; we know where we’re going. Then we wake up and find the old way doesn’t work, that it no longer fits our identity, that by clinging to it, we’re cutting ourselves off from something profound. But we cling anyway because it’s all we’ve got. We call our desire for security loyalty. We yearn for something we’ve lost as women, but it’s so unbearably unknown. And then one day it all comes down to this: Can we trust ourselves, our innermost selves, our feminine Wisdom?”

In this six month mentorship program, we will journey into the feminine. We will explore HER and learn ways to understand what she represents and, where we have lost her. We will understand how we can heal the wounding of our own feminine and how we can retrieve and re-member our core essence, that of the feminine way of BEing.

The mentorship teachings and experience is steeped in the Wisdom of Ancient Ways. The Intention of the mentorship is to help women discover their personal power and realize the importance of their role in this changing world. The world is shifting from a Patriarchal culture and mindset. We are returning to the traditional ways of a Matriarchal Society. In this workshop, deep personal healing is offered, and you will acquire the Wisdom of the Ancient and Wise women of the Past. Within here is the opportunity to find and reclaim your most authentic self.

The program is customized to you while keeping the core teachings of the Feminine way of BEing as the FOUNDATION. The program is for personal growth, personal empowerment, and embracing your role as an empowered woman during this time of change.

The Topics Covered include:

Month One:  Understanding the Feminine and exploring the feminine way of being, who she is, what she represents, and opening a gateway into our own Feminine.

This month is a gateway into our own Feminine. We go back to basics and understand who we are at the core. We go into the heart of our womanhood. We consider why we have buried the feminine principle and how we have unconsciously embodied the masculine. These teachings and this understanding are all the more critical today as we shift from a patriarchal world to a world that is beginning to retreat into the feminine ways of being, healing, and living.

With the uncertainty of current times, we understand how the Feminine way of Being can hold us and give us strength and heal us. How we can become a beacon of this way of Being for the self and the others.

We will explore and understand the feminine through our senses through our body, dance, and movement. We will further our connection with the Divine Feminine with guided practices and enriching conversations. Each week, we shall have a topic of learning and embodiment, followed by exercises, journaling, and introspection.

Month TwoHow can you Embody who you are unless you know who you are? Do you know that a woman is much more than just being a mother or a caretaker of the family?

This month, we explore and understand different facets of the Feminine. We will look at and work on the suppressed aspects of the self. We will consider how these various aspects of us are hidden beneath the patriarchal definitions of a woman.

Topics of/for exploration include:

Exploring the glorified role of a mother

Understanding different aspects of the feminine and womanhood

Reclaiming the little girl/maiden within

Balancing the Mother and understanding the Mother Wound

Understanding rage / wild woman / feminine suppression / exploring the rejection of this feminine and the judgment wound.

Reaching out to the Crone – The Wise Woman Within

Connecting / healing and retrieving each facet of the circular womanhood and in owning the feminine way of being.

Month 3: This month, we explore the power of the Feminine Principle found in Nature and in women through the dynamics of cycles.

(1) Exploring the Feminine Principle and woman as the embodiment of Nature.

(2) Understanding the cyclical way of being vs. linear ways of living.

(3) Understanding the balance of masculine n feminine through a woman’s cycles.

(4) Exploring and deepening into each phase of the woman’s menstruation cycles and understanding how to align with each phase as a way to reclaim our power and feminine Way of BEing.

(5) Understanding moon cycles.

(6) Working with our menstruation cycle and understanding the power of menstruation and how to balance our energies and work towards self-love and self-acceptance through the menstruation cycle.

Month 4: This month, we move into our wombs and understanding the importance of our wombs.

What is womb healing?

Why womb healing is required

Initiation and attunement into your womb

Owning your goddess hood

Meditating and connecting with the womb space

Understanding and healing the wounds held in the womb

Ways to deepen your connection to the womb space

The illusion of new age healing

Yoni breath and womb meditation

womb healing & clearing processes

How to use the sacred space of your womb temple for birthing all your desires.

Month 5: This month, we explore where we have been wounded in our journey as women and where the feminine within has been denied/suppressed/abused/ wounded.

Here we will work on your major wounding regarding the feminine principle.

Topics may include judgment, rejection, suppression, or fear of acceptance of your true self or denial of the feminine. We may speak about the rejection of womanhood owing to patriarchial pressures or any other trauma/abuse related to the feminine.

Journeying into reclaiming the feminine and reclaiming our power and core essence.

Month 6: In the final month, we explore the following

  1. How to hold women’s circles.
  2. How to facilitate womb healing for other women.
  3. Celebrating the feminine principle and your own goddess hood and womanhood.
  4. Worshipping yourself as a Goddess.
  5. The culmination of the teachings and how you can embody the feminine in your day-to-day life to bring back blossoming, balance, prosperity, abundance into your life.

If interested or wish to register, please contact me from here;

Whatsapp: +91 9979901933